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By Healer ·
Every time when I submit a question or refresh the page where there is a question, my FireFox browser goes very slow at some stage and I see "Transferring data from" at the bottom left corner of the browser window. Has this URL got anything to do with Has my computer got virus or spyware?

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Answered in order of asking

by OH Smeg In reply to TechRepublic - Ask a Ques ...

Has this URL got anything to do with

No it hasn't got anything at all to do with TR.

Has my computer got virus or spyware?

Possible but without knowing what you are using to defend against contracting this type of thing it's impossible to say.

Start off with the obvious doing a AV Scan in Safe Mode of the AV product you have installed and then when the system is either clean or you are unable to remove something you can look at scanning it with some Malware Scanner like

Malware Bytes

and or Spy Bot S&amp


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AVG & Windows Defender have been running.

by Healer In reply to Answered in order of aski ...

Thanks I shall get back after the tests. By the way I have AVG free edition and Windows Defender running all the time.

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Well AVG should at least stop

by OH Smeg In reply to AVG & Windows Defender ha ...

The worst of the Viri but personally I wouldn't give a cent for what Defender does.

From my experience I find that all it appears to do is waste Clock Cycles of the CPU and slows down the system without doing anything much else. For Malware I have found that Malware Bytes is by far the best offering available followed by Spy Bot S&amp.


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Windows Defender could be a spyware itself???

by Healer In reply to Well AVG should at least ...

You are right. I am going to disable the Miscrosoft Defender. Sometimes I feel the Windows Defender could be a spyware itself or at least it gives us false security. Many times Microsoft Defender couldn't find anything while SpyBot and other anti-spyware programs would find some.

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Since nothing works 100%

by SKDTech In reply to Windows Defender could be ...

It could be said that all Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware gives us a false sense of security.

I would recommend letting it remain as it is a more active malware scanner than Malwarebytes or Spybot unless you choose to pay for them. Defense-in-Depth is the name of the game when it comes to proper security unfortunately.

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It's just an AD server...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to TechRepublic - Ask a Ques ...

... which isn't serving!!! Press stop and it'll quit waiting for it.

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Thanks! It has explained ...

by Healer In reply to It's just an AD server...

In fact I have found the same situation while using another computer accessing Somehow it was not as I would expect. I found it went through a few sites before the final page came up. Among them were,,,

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re: The URL

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks! It has explained ... is the correct URL for this site. It's an offshoot of a site called ... it's a long story, but the double after TechRepublic is correct.

Yes, the AD servers go through many sites to pull up the ads. It makes the pages all load so slow, none of us wait for them any more. In fact, many of us are using FireFox along with the No-Ads add-on JUST so we don't have to wait on/look at those silly ADS!

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Can't find No-Ads add-on

by Healer In reply to re: The URL

I am using FireFox all the time. I searched for add-on called No-Ads but there wasn't any. I have just installed Flashblock, NoScript and Adblock Plus. Are these all I need? I suppose I don't need Adblock when I have Adblock Plus. Please comment!

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'Adblock Plus' should be sufficient on its own ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't find No-Ads add-on

That's all I use (and several other peers too). :)

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