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    TechRepublic Books & CD


    by siddh_patel ·


    Whare can I find TechRepublic Books & CD in India. Does TechRepublic has office in India or has tied up with publisher for the sale of Books and CD.

    I am not a credit card user but want to purchase TechRepublic Book & CD.

    With Regards
    Siddhpal Sigh Patel

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      by siddh_patel ·

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      While this forum is hosted by TR

      by hal 9000 ·

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      IT isn’t staffed by TR Staff. This is a general Q & A section that any TR Member can contribute to and most times TR doesn’t look at the questions asked unless there is something complained about.

      At the bottom of every TR Page there is a Send Us Your Feed Back beside an envelope if you click on this you can get in direct contact with TR and they will be able to answer your questions.


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      A different part is available

      by dr dij ·

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      I don’t know if TR pro guild still has the books to read online, they had several hundred IT books to read online, full text and graphics. This was provided by which has the full subscription of several thousand books online for the price of about 6 or 7 quality IT books. has a similar setup, and can be accessed for $109 per year thru membership. But you can only read 10 books a month on this (they have some of the books24x7 also). Plus online courses in IT.

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        Buy books Online – but hurry time is running out!

        by meganha ·

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        TechRepublic does not have a store in India, the only place to buy books from TechRepublic is online at: but you will need a credit card to place your order online. You can fax/mail your order by downloading the catalog:
        but items may be sold out so you should check the online store first.

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          Actually you can order On Line

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Buy books Online – but hurry time is running out!

          And Pay by International Bank Draft Western Union or whatever is accepted by TR.

          While the credit Card is faster they will hold your order till they receive payment. I’ve brought stuff that way previously without a problem.


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          Beware Western Union, [b]if[/b]

          by kiltie ·

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          the destination is Nigeria, and they offer lots, and lots of money for free.

          [b]The 419 scam[/b] 😉

          EDIT: Apologies for a flippant comment in a serious topic. 🙁

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          Actually I find Tony Blair’s scam better

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Beware Western Union, [b]if[/b]

          I know that he’s having trouble paying for his current troop deployments so he’s started the UK Lotteries Scam as a way to make the necessary funds available. :p

          Col ]:)

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