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    TechRepublic Content Integration Issue on My Website


    by kimkorton889 ·

    Hello TechRepublic Community,

    I am facing a perplexing issue with my website’s integration of TechRepublic content, and I’m hoping to get some guidance or solutions from fellow tech enthusiasts. Below is the problem I am encountering:

    As an avid follower of TechRepublic’s insightful articles and tech news, I decided to enhance my website by integrating relevant TechRepublic content. My goal was to provide my visitors with access to the latest tech updates and expert opinions from TechRepublic directly on my site.

    The integration of TechRepublic content on my website seemed to work initially, as I was able to display headlines and excerpts from recent articles. However, upon clicking on any of the article links, I noticed that users are redirected to a “404 Page Not Found” error on TechRepublic’s website instead of the intended article page.

    Troubleshooting So Far:

    API Configuration: I thoroughly checked the API integration for fetching TechRepublic articles, ensuring that the API key and endpoints were set up correctly.
    URL Encoding: To rule out any issues with URLs, I carefully encoded the article links before displaying them on my website. However, the “404” error persists.
    Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS): I examined my server’s configuration and ensured that CORS settings were properly configured to allow access to TechRepublic’s content, but the issue remains unresolved.
    Cached Data: To confirm it’s not a caching problem, I tried accessing TechRepublic articles from different devices and networks, but the “404” error persists consistently.
    Expected Behavior:
    Upon clicking on any TechRepublic article link displayed on my website, users should be seamlessly redirected to the corresponding article page on TechRepublic’s website without encountering any “404 Page Not Found” errors.

    I am reaching out to the TechRepublic community for any suggestions, insights, or troubleshooting steps that could help me resolve this integration issue. If additional details about my website’s setup or the integration process are required, please let me know, and I’ll gladly provide them.

    Thank you all for your time and assistance!

    Here is The URL : REMOVED

    Moderator Note: I found no TechRepublic content at the supplied URL. It went to a site selling boots. Unlikely you want tech info shown there. Thus the URL has been removed. Reply to your post with a good URL to continue.

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