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TechRepublic denies refunds for product destroyed in shipping?!?!

By dave ·
Anyone else receive damaged products from TechRepublic and been denied refund of purchase price paid?!?! Never been treated so poorly, except perhaps by the phone company. I can't believe they care so little that they deny refunds for products that are of no use to patrons. Count me out on any future business...

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What was destroyed in shipping?

by maxwell edison In reply to TechRepublic denies refun ...

Who paid the shipping costs?

Was shipping insurance offered? If so, did you choose to not purchase it?

What shipping method was used?

Did you have to sign for the item?

Did you offer to return the item?

Who at TR did you talk to (name or position)?

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And more.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What was destroyed in shi ...

Who was the shipping company?

Did you report this to them?

Did you follow the shipper's claims procedures?

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Dave - Please contact me directly ...

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to TechRepublic denies refun ...

You can click the "Send Message" link in my profile and explain the problem that you had and we will work to get a resolution to the issue.

Thanks, Jason

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Thanks Jason! You made my day!

by dave In reply to TechRepublic denies refun ...

Thank you for making this right... I'll post a new thread as well!

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Glad to help!

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to Thanks Jason! You made m ...

Thanks for following up with a post in the original forum thread. Most of all, I'm glad we got this resolved.

Regards, Jason

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Dave, Might I also recommend

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks Jason! You made m ...

modifying the title of this discussion to something more along the line of "need help with damaged goods" instead of something that a new member might see and walk away with a false impression based on the title?

You were clearly pissed when you started the discussion, and after a cool down period, I am sure you can see the title was a little "out there"?


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