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TechRepublic editors need opinions on new quick-start guides

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Several members have expressed the need for primers (quick start-type guides) that summarize essential information allowing them to quickly familiarize themselves with a specific topic. A team of editors is working to test publishing just such a file, but in order to make these guides as helpful as we can, we need your feedback. While these files will ultimately live on TechProGuild, we will make some of them available for a short period to all TechRepublic members.

Based on what we've heard in the past, the first topic we're going to develop an alpha version for is Windows XP Professional Security. After brainstorming, editors here think it makes the most sense to include the following elements: overview, planning, setup & configuration, troubleshooting, optimizing, and a glossary. We're also creating an interactive checklist you can use. It highlights common actions IT pros should take to secure WinXP Pro environments.

How well might such a completed tool work for you? And, would you be willing to review an alpha version when we publish it? If you're interested in participating, please e-mail me at

Thanks much,

Erik Eckel
TechRepublic Executive Editor

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Joining Apple Mac to Windows 2000 Domain....Please Help

by babui386 In reply to TechRepublic editors need ...

I am currently using 2000 server in office, we have recently bought a new Apple Mac, I set up Apple mac to my server via DHCP Router, Everything is working fine, I can see the volder called MICROSOFT UAM Volume folder in Server and apple computer, the problem is permission, I can transfer file from UAM Volume folder to Apple mac desktop, but I can't copy any file from Apple mac to this folder, Error: Disk is LOCKED. Please if any one knows how to configure permission in server, please please give me email or post it here, I will be realy greatful.

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RE: Joining Apple Mac to Windows 2000 Domain....Please Help

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Joining Apple Mac to Wind ...


Thanks for posting. However, as your query is off-topic here, I think you'd be better served posting your question in our Windows 2000 Server Technical Question and Answer Center. You can find it here:

Erik Eckel
TechRepublic Executive Editor

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Stop with the Almighty Dollar - Keep it Free

by JimHM In reply to TechRepublic editors need ...

Stop with the - How can we charge more - You know once you get more ideas of what people would read - you will start charging more for the service - Just Like Gartner or MS -


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RE: Stop with the Almighty Dollar - Keep it Free

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Stop with the Almighty Do ...


As my note mentioned, my plans call for making these guides available free for a specific period on TechRepublic.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Erik Eckel
TechRepublic Executive Editor

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Just backing up Jim On this one

by TomSal In reply to RE: Stop with the Almight ...

First I agree with Jim. Second technically you contradict yourself a bit...

"While these files will ultimately live on TechProGuild, we will make some of them available for a short period to all TechRepublic members."

That what your note read, the keyword here is *SOME*.

Here in this thread your message doesn't say *some*, it implies ALL.

Why this topic is being batted around here, I love how several of the books that TR sells for up to $89 a pop is basically a re-hash of the website. So I can PAY for a book or visit the site and get the same info?

I don't understand that.

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backing up tom

by Passwordchanged In reply to Just backing up Jim On th ...

ditto what Tom Sal said.

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Backing up everyone

by Oz_Media In reply to backing up tom

Well I must agree that with all the banners impressions I display each day and night, all the people who regulars exncourage to stay here and participate in discussions etc. It would be nice to see SOME free information from someone other than the peers that keep the site alive.

I can get free info from some of the world's top techs, and YES they are here and I have the privaledge of tapping into their experience as thousands of others have. If I want something from TR, I have to buy it?

Tell you what, you guys live up to YOUR end of the bargain and send out the elusive Top Geek prizes as you have said you would so many times and PERHAPS, I may encourage people to support TR by purchasing TPG memberships and goodies.

The prizes are not an issue in themselves, I have a coffee mug and don't drink coffee anymore, the point is, you gathered feedback, everyone was interested, you announced winners and.............

I guess it's a credibility issue?

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RE: Just backing up Jim On this one

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Just backing up Jim On th ...


I'm hoping to test how well these new guides help IT professionals solve real-world challenges. I have no reservations about making the guides (either some or all of them) free on TechRepublic for a period of time, if they prove helpful to IT professionals.

If I'm correct assuming you'd prefer all these guides be made free (at least for some period), then your feedback is already helping shape the manner in which these tools are delivered.

Just as TechRepublic's books, CDs, and charts have proven popular by collecting content around specific topics and offering readers an optional (other-than-online) format, I'm hoping I can introduce other items IT professionals find valuable in overcoming the daily problems they face. But to make these guides valuable, I need more feedback on exactly what elements should be included and what topics you need covered.

Feel free to e-mail me directly at with any other questions or thoughts you have. I appreciate your sharing your opinion.


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Reality check

by Wick Tech In reply to Stop with the Almighty Do ...

Ok, first, I have to say I think we're all off topic complaining that there might be a cost before anyone's even seen the product. Second, if we all want to keep seeing free products, we might just have to accept the fact that the men and women writing these articles and guides that we all love to read/see/use do need to collect a paycheck just like the rest of us, so we need to be prepared to show some support for the projects, especially when they do meet our needs and provide materials we can work with. I admit, I do NOT subscribe to TechPro Guild because when I did test it a few years ago, I did not find the layout of the magazine very helpful at the time, and, yes, I had usually read all the articles I was interested in before the paper version arrive, but it may time for me to check it out again, especially with the addition of pieces like the Quickstart Guides. I think these guides could be very useful, and if they do work, from what I've read, the work that the TechRepublic folks are putting in deserves acknowledgement and, yes probably even, *gasp* money!

Thanks to Erik and everyone else at TechRepublic for providing us with TONES of free information, for all your hard work, and for continuing to provide us with new and better ways to obtain the information we need.


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Backing up Kali

by Brilliance Audio In reply to Reality check

I've never posted on a subject before, but I feel like I have to at least give a little support to Kali and the TechRepublic staff. This is the only website that I have ever paid a subscription for, and I have been a member for a couple of years now. The membership fee is within reason and I know that the information that my staff and I can get is useful, relevant, and easy to find.
I think the user guides are a great idea, and a minimal fee for access to compiled research like this is more than fair.
Keep up the good work, TechRepublic - and thanks for asking for our opinions. My $89/year has saved me countless hours searching for information I can trust before purchases; given me great tips and insight into all areas of my profession; and saved my sanity a number of times. Resellers charge more than that for a one-hour "assessment" AND you can bet that they won't be handing me templates and do-it-yourself guides - or finding any 'Gotchyas'.

Keep up the good work and the low prices. It's a great value.

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