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Techrepublic has hit the big time in the advertising world

By Derek Schauland Contributor ·
Today I was bouncing around and noticed an ad for Viagra appearing on the site. I am sure these ads are driven by one thing or another to appear at different intervals during the visitor?s experience, but it struck me as funny.

Sure TechRepublic gets piles of page views on a monthly basis and yeah Pfizer wants to capitalize on advertising investment, getting the most bang for the proverbial buck (no pun intended).

It seems odd though that this would appear on a site devoted solely to technical community and computer geekdom. Was I offended, absolutely not, but wow? surprised somewhat by the ad.

While working on this quick post I got to thinking, maybe advertising on the web in some context sensitive fashion is the business model of the future. I am not quite sure where the heck the ad engine would come up with the idea that I would like to know more about Viagra, but I suppose the idea being that the amount of viewers passing through TechRepublic would be quite the money maker for a small ad like the one above.

Do you think ads like this, should be limited to the scope of the site and then driven by user preference or is anything goes ok?

Personally I got a good laugh out of the advertisement, but some may not. It isn?t like the ads for this stuff aren?t all over television anyway, but it does make me wonder just how the ad placement on sites like TR and other web properties are determined. If it is really figuring out what I would like to see, then I think it got me confused with someone else? unless this is a subtle hint that I need to pay attention to the amount of time I spend on TechRepublic? more than 4 hours and I should probably call the doctor, or was that the neighbors, I can?t remember.

What are your thoughts about the ads that just show up?

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Okay, Derek

by santeewelding In reply to Techrepublic has hit the ...

You succeeded. You got my attention with that part about calling the doctor.

Oh, dear.

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Glad to help

by Derek Schauland Contributor In reply to Okay, Derek

Glad I could help call your attention to the issue and get the neighbors er the doctor involved

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Techrepublic has hit the ...

Were you by chance cruising NickNielsen's 'Who Didn't Play with Jerry's Thing?' thread?

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by jdclyde In reply to Viagra.

for people with friends in low places? :0

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Techrepublic has hit the ...

TR has ads? Why wasn't I informed?

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They got rid of them all

by jdclyde In reply to Ads?

about a year ago.... ;\

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wasnt that about the time that

by The Scummy One In reply to They got rid of them all

you installed AdBlock?

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I have no idea

by jdclyde In reply to wasnt that about the time ...

what it is you are talking about.

All I know is suddenly pages started to load MUCH faster....

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Thank CBS for that

by jdclyde In reply to Techrepublic has hit the ...

The ads got less tech focused when they took the helm.

The ads got so out of hand, they finally drove me to installing AdBlock Plus, and now I don't see any of them.

It was bad enough when they had the video ads playing all the time, but when they put ads that played audio, it was the final straw.

I even had a CBS rep contact me about a survey on this after commenting why I installed adblock.

I am a firm believer in positioning relevant ads on a site to pay the bills, but they forgot their target audience.

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by jck In reply to Thank CBS for that

CBS never knew us.

They just marched in, bought up Techrepublic, and instituted their own marching orders.

That's the biggest problem with big corps taking over an established, well-managed, well-performing assets. They always think they can improve it because they bought it.

You don't fix what isn't broken.

I wish CBS would have learned how to run a good business by now. Evidently they haven't.

Their radio division is tanking too. I guess that is no coincidence.

BTW, I don't wanna give free detailed advice to CBS on what I think would fix things.

If they can't figure it out with all the high-paid sales and management people they have, then they need to clean house at the top and get people who can do the job.

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