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By Bizzo ·
I never knew TechRepublic was that kind of site!

I'm totally shocked at the kind of articles that they produce. On the homepage, in the "Member Activity" column there's the usual technical article titles, but over the past couple of days I've seen one called <b>"10 things you should do if you get laid"</b>!

What possible kind of advice could they be giving????

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Do they have an eye care or vision benefit plan where you work?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to TechRepublic Homepage

It's '... if you get laid off', ninny.

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I know what it's supposed to be, but ...

by Bizzo In reply to Do they have an eye care ...

Maybe it's my browser settings, but "off" is missing in that section.

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Well it wasn't missing the last time I looked

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I know what it's supposed ...

Though right at the moment the Home Page suffers the dreaded 404 Error. :^0

Maybe the most recent site downgrade has affected the way that your browser is displaying the TR Pages. :)

Col 0:-)

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The word OFF is missing on mine too....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to TechRepublic Homepage

So, it's not just you.

I've noticed a LOT of article/post titles missing words, primarily where there's an apostrophe or quote used in the title.

Just more bugs from the recent downgrade of TR.

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The issue with sentences being...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to The word OFF is missing o ...

...truncated after a apostrophe or smart quote has been resolved, however the fix only works going forward, so some of the older articles still show the issue.

Now for the TechRepublic FD - there is a character limit in that spot - looks like it cut it off at the most "interesting" spot - wish I had a screenshot of it as that sure would had been fun for TROLOV.

-Tammy [_]3

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10 things

by w2ktechman In reply to TechRepublic Homepage

if she is a clinger -- run
worry about a call 9 months later
wonder how long the cuddling needs to last with this one
try to figure out if she is a psycho
avoid talking, unless telling her to leave (or that you are leaving)
try to remember if you wore a condom, if not, remember to get checked
wash the sheets
take a shower
if she talks, anything with words like 'relationship' or anything sounding remotely scary, put her out for a few hours

Oh, and I almost forgot, keep the money in an easy to see location

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I am glad you are very secure in you job :-bd

by DadsPad In reply to TechRepublic Homepage

I read the article and feel it had very good suggestions for someone that is unsure of how their company is doing. With the unrest in the country today, many should check these items.

Hope TR will fix the site location that all can read it. I just got a 404 error.

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The same thing happened with my first blog

by jdclyde In reply to TechRepublic Homepage

to make it even funnier, it is caused by a "size" issue..... ]:)

Sonja talked about it one of the Trolovs... ;\

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