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TechRepublic is getting GREEDY!

By tacasan ·
Do you guys have any articles anymore that don?t require joining TechProGuild? All the links in your last newsletter sent me to the blue ?Join TechProGuild? screen. You guys are getting just as greedy as Micro$oft!

Whatever happened to Information for the Sake of Information? Now it?s Information = Money!

Lighten up guys. Looks like I?ll be hanging out at from now on.

Kim Knoch, MCSE
Network Administrator

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A complicated problem

by Shanghai Sam In reply to TechRepublic is getting G ...

Remember who owns TechRepublic: Gartner. The folks over at Gartner have lots of information, and it's allegedly unbiased, compared to the advertiser-supported publications. Guess where the money has to come from if you are in the publication business and you don't have advertisers?

The problem is that this stuff costs lots of money to write. For the most part, the people who really know IT don't spend their time writing articles longer than a Slashdot quickie. If you want to be an expert on something other than MS Word, you don't have time to be a writer.

I assume Gartner uses TechRepublic to generate "traffic" and build a reputation, Guild as a semi-low cost introduction to Gartner-sytle services, with the ultimate goal of selling full memberships at Gartner's site ($$$). They face the same problem as any other web-based service. You have to give away something, but if you give away too much, there is nothing left to sell.

I too have noticed that most of TechRepublic's articles are either "buy this now" or "join the guild". To me, the real value of the service comes from the other users. These people work in the real world, and contribute free content in a forum that is slightly more organized than Usenet orSlashdot.

I don't think it's realistic to expect the free version of TechRepublic to be much more than it is today. If I really had the budget for it, I'd join Gartner. I don't, so I have to get creative in the search for information. That's how we both got here, right?

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Might not cost you anything ....

by Russell Cohen In reply to TechRepublic is getting G ...

I was in a similar predicament, mainly because of the USD/ZAR exchange rate. I now have access to TechProGuild, but only the online content only, i.e. I don't get a monthly report of my choice mailed to me. I'm not sure whether this was a special concession or the usual arrangement. Send a note to, for attention Dan S Scofield, Membership Director.

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