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TechRepublic newsletter links won't work

By drzaius ·
Clicking on any link in the TechRepublic newsletter brings up an error page:

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://ct.techrepublic.com.com/clicks?

The following error was encountered:

Read Error
The system returned:

(104) Connection reset by peer
An error condition occurred while reading data from the network. Please retry your request.

This happen whether clicking a link in the newsletter from Outlook or from the website version of the newsletter. Any other links on the TechRepublic site work fine. Any ideas?

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The URL has been truncated

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to TechRepublic newsletter l ...

We haven't had any other reports of this, but the URL you posted above has been truncated. Any newsletter link would have an = sign and a long alphanumeric code after the question mark, indictaing a specific asset. We encode all our newsletter links to run through a tracking server, so we know what's working. It's possible the redirect server was down very briefly.

When did the problem occur, and has it been resolved for you?

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Links in newsletters no longer work

by karl In reply to The URL has been truncate ...

The links to articles have not worked for me for a few days, 2-3. I get a 'Page cannot be displayed' error.

The links appear to be complete.
If I have wanted to read something I have to manually search for the article.

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The link you posted works from my browser

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Links in newsletters no l ...

What browser and e-mail client are you using?

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same here. . .

by huoml In reply to The link you posted works ...

I am using GMAIL (through IE7) and also Outlook Express. I use IE7. It happens from both GMAIL (in IE7) and from Outlook Express message.

The link does not work for me in IE7, but works in Firefox2.

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Works in Firefox

by drzaius In reply to same here. . .

I am using Outlook. The links don't work from Outlook or IE7, but they do work in Firefox.

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Work for me

by viruser Staff In reply to Works in Firefox

The links work for me. Judging from your response, you have firefox as a default. Try copying and pasting the URL to IE7

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IE6 and Outlook 2003

by karl In reply to The link you posted works ...

There have been no 'large' changes to my setup in the past few weeks, other than MS patches.

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re: The URL has been truncated

by drzaius In reply to The URL has been truncate ...

The URL in my post was copied from the error message. The actual URL is:


Of course it varies with the link that is clicked. This has been happening for a few days now. The links work from other computers on the network, just not on mine.

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Can't click through to links for a couple weeks now

by wendy.beall In reply to The URL has been truncate ...


That's what the link looks like to me, but attempts to access newsletter links have been getting "Page cannot be displayed" for about two weeks now. I'm using IE6, and working in an environment that allows automatic updates from Uncle Bill. A fellow cube denizen using IE7 can click through fine, though.

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Same Problem Here in IE7

by Underground_In_TN In reply to Can't click through to li ...

I had this same problem in IE6 and 7 last year. The solution was to go into Internet Options > Privacy > Sites and add "com.com" to the "Always Allow". That worked until about two weeks ago. Now, that setting is still in place, but links from TechRepublic newsletters have stopped working again. I get the (not) very informative "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". The same links work in Firefox, but due to various reasons cannot make Firefox my default browser on my office PC.

I'm tired of fighting this problem and am ready to give up and unsubscribe from TechRepublic newsletters.

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