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    by maidens ·

    I just received a Newsletter from TechRepublic. It was an email with nothing in the body and an HTML attachment. I was astounded. Generally any email matching that would go straight to my spam filter. But it was disabled as I was working on it. I suppose my question is why would Techrepublic do something so stupid. If I were a hacker how cool would it be to screw with all Techrepublic’s members and how easy. There was nothing in the email to show where it came from other than the return address. Come on Techrepublic, really! (I have not read it, I deleted it on principal).

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      Would have loved to have know which newsletter…

      by Tammy.Cavadias ·

      In reply to TechRepublic Newsletters

      … it was that arrived blank. Would you happen to remember which one you received (i.e TechRepublic News and Special Offers, Daily Digest, etc..) – this can normally be seen in the “from” line. I understand you deleted it, but if we knew which newsletter it was, it would help us in our investigation on what happen.

      Thank you!
      – Tammy Cavadias
      Community Manager, ZDNet/TechRepublic

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