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Techrepublic newsletters format

By fabiogil ·
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How can I change the format of the newsletters I am subscribed to from plain text to HTML?



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There may be a bug involved...

I hunted through all the usual places for preferences, but so far have not turned up an option to choose either plain text nor HTML format. The usual place to change your options are in your profile settings. Click on the icon at the top right of the page that looks like either your gravitar or generic "person", this should popout a menu, from there choose subscriptions. This is where the option to choose format as well as subscribe to the various newsletters should be. However, the only thing I've found is the subscribe or unsubscribe buttons.
Since HTML has become the more common format, it may be the only option at the, you can try unsubscribing from any newsletters currently subscribed to, wait a day or so, then subscribe back and see if the format changes. If not, we can file a bug report, unless someone else has a solution.
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I found a quicker way to access your newsletter subscriptions...

At the top of the page, if viewing the site on a more or less "full size" display, there will be a menu of of which is "Newsletters" on that to get to your subscriptions quickly. Still haven't found where to choose plain text or HTML.

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No more text

by GSG In reply to I found a quicker way to ...

I thought a few months ago, right before the "Upgrade" we received notice that they were going all HTML all the time and removing the text option. I know all of my newsletters changed from text to HTML after that, which caused them to be filtered by our organization's SPAM filter. I finally unsubscribed from a whole bunch of them, and now they allow a couple to come through the filter.

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I filed a bug report, still couldn't find the option to choose format of newsletters. So, I used the moderator tools and manually reset your preferences to HTML. Check your next deliveries and if you are still having problems, post back to this thread.
Let me or another moderator know if you continue to experience difficulties. We're working on squashing the bugs, but unless we know about them they can hide! Thank you!
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