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TechRepublic Pro articles gone?

By Anthony.V ·
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I've been browsing the Techrepublic Pro section of the site and I cant seem to find all the TPG Pro articles that used to be listed. Are they gone? if so where are they hiding?

Thanks in adavnce

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They're still around, only different

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to TechRepublic Pro articles ...

We've ungated all the old TPG articles, and placed them back in the TechRepublic article collection. You can now find all our articles by clicking the Article tab in the top-nav.

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Then what am I paying for?

by Anthony.V In reply to They're still around, onl ...

Then what am I exactly paying 10bucks a month for? Techbooks are gone, and the TPG only articles are available for everyone..

Not to sound angry, just curious.

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What's in TechRepublic Pro

Hey Anthony!

Sorry it took me so long to answer this for ya. I was on vacation. In any case, when we changed TechProGuild to TechRepublic Pro, the intent wasn't just to take stuff away, even though at first glance it may seem like that.

Let me first explain the rationale behind removing TechBooks and the article archive. With TechBooks, TechRepublic was dealing with a third-party to power the collection, that being Books 24x7. We had only a small subset of their IT Pro library archive, and were limited with the number of books we were able to swap into the collection to keep it current. Over time, we had more older books that weren't relevant and we couldn't update them the way we wanted. For example, most of the collection was printed prior to 2002. We had more books about Windows 98 than we did about Vista. In addition, we didnt have control over the look and feel of the site, making updating it difficult. Those limitations, combined with the low usage of TechBooks (under 10% of registered members in the last 6 months) indicated to us that it wasn't a core value proposition for the product.

As for the articles, they were a little problematic and a tough decision. I would put TPG articles up against just about any technical site on the Net, but the problem is that there are so many technical articles on other sites, including TechRepublic itself, it was difficult to differentiate TPG articles and prove their value. Not to mention, it was often confusing for TechRepublic members when they'd search for things and run into TPG gated articles. When looking for solutions, it became confusing for TPG members and non-members alike to figure out what was paid and what wasn't and more importantly WHY that was so.

Therefore, we wanted to make the articles generally available to improve the overall level of technical content on TechRepublic itself. At the same time, it gave us the opportunity to make it more clear why TechRepublic Pro was a valuable resource because it's mission was more clearly focused.

TechRepublic Pro's focus is still on in-depth original technical solutions, just as TechProGuild was. That hasn't changed at all. What the difference is, and what you're paying for like you said, is the types of solutions that are provided. The mission is to do the dirty work for you. Whether it's technical research, creating forms, creating policies, or producing presentations for end users and colleagues about technical matters, TechRepublic Pro is dedicated to doing the drudge work for you. We do the work, so you can do your job with less hassle.

For example, one of the nitpicky things I always found irritating as a network administrator was the need to put policies and procedures in place in the form of solid documentation. It's one of those things that just need to be done, but aren't much fun and that you rarely have time for. TechRepublic Pro includes an entire set of pre-done policies that you can download and customize to fit your specific needs. It's just a matter of a few tweaks and you're done. Rather than spend hours figuring out what to say and how, you're done in a matter of minutes.

In addition, we've retained the 20% discount on products from the TechRepublic Catalog so you can save money on things like the latest O'Reilly books and our new USB Key.

That's where we see the value of TechRepublic Pro. You've got work that needs to be done. We're going to provide the information, tools, and solutions to help you get there faster. If even one solution saves you 3 hours of time and you're making $30/hour, TechRepublic Pro has paid for itself.

So that's about it Anthony. TechProGuild's change to TechRepublic Pro was more than just changing the name and eliminating features. It was a rededication to the main mission of TechRepublic Pro - providing valuable solutions for IT Professionals from IT Professionals. I hope that helps!

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by Anthony.V In reply to What's in TechRepublic Pr ...

Thanks John, I appreciate the lengthy reply. I was just curious on where everything went, I really enjoyed the books TechRepublic offered so it was a little disappointing to find out they were gone.

Thanks again for the clarification.

Best Regards,


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