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By LordInfidel ·
I have been trying to figure out what the blue squares are by some of our names our.

Does this represent point increments?
5k= 5000-9999
10k= 10000+

Can someone please enlighten me. I could not find this anyhwere in the faq's


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Thats what I think Dark

by radiic In reply to TechRepublic Question...

if you go to your account info page you will see that you have checked to be in the points. It will also tell you how many points you have you probably have between 5 and 10,000


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by Billy Neanderthal In reply to TechRepublic Question...


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by admin In reply to ME TOO
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(plugs ears)

by generalist In reply to SHUT UP!

cute, shouting to get people to stop shouting.

of course, sometimes that is the only way to do it... <g>

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this is what u need

by meshyslanky In reply to TechRepublic Question...

these numbers consist of how much information is involved in your bio and conversations. It consists of kilomigramos, which as you can read in any email account. For more info on this, please see

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Dark, you are exactly right...

by TomSal In reply to TechRepublic Question...

That's exactly what the 5k and 10k mean, its a indication of the tech point level of each member.

The odd thing is that I (and this has been debated many times at length in these dicussions) see little value in the techpoints.

People often say"well the point of the points is incentive for answering questions" - so then its a type of currrency right? So tell me this if a currency has no intrinsic value what good is it?
The other point is "Well its a guage of confidence for those seekinghelp...since the more techpoints one has is an indicator of their level of expertise because they got more questions correct". Totally invalid, because of many reasons - like how Tech Republic will auto close a question, thereby automatically givingall participants an equal share of the points, if the author of the question does close out the questions over a length of time. Using this alone, a lamer (though its sad to think someone has this shallow a life) could effectively post nonsense all day long in every question...while a percentage will be rejected by the serious people who are really looking for solutions, I bet you with all the questions on here...that lamer would quickly increase his point value by TENS of THOUSANDS of points seemingly over night.

Another point is - some people who ask the questions will award points before they even test the solution, so someone could get points for giving wrong solutions. Finally there are those that ask for help and you give the detailed answer and they go "Great thanks! It worked like a charm"...and they close the question and don't give any points.

Well I went into detail on that a bit that's about the value of TechRepublic points....they have the value of an Air Conditioner to an Eskimo.....during a January.......with no coat...

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