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TechRepublic "workspace"

By Hoibie ·
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A couple of months ago, I saw a TR Daily Digest that, among other things talked about something called "TechRepublic Workspace". Either I was dreaming or my mouse is on sick leave because I can't find the so called "Workspace" here on TR. I want to look at what a "TechRepublic Workspace" involves, if in fact, it even exists. Specifically, I'm interested in saving some of the more "gem" items that come to me in the Digest. I've been saving them in GMail which is OK for now but I have a suspicion that over time these Digest items will get purged and I won't have them to refer to plus it's difficult to search a bazillion emails. I could save them locally I suppose but I thought the "Workspace" might be more of a "cloud" service I could use to get to content from anywhere.

Would anyone care to point me to the "Workspace"? Or perhaps it doesn't even exist and I'm totally off here.

Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving holiday.


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Yes there once was a place called My Workspace, brings back memories

by Michael Jay In reply to TechRepublic "workspace"

Some of the longer time members may get a kick out of this video:;siu-container

But it has been replaced by My Stuff, there you will find a place to save favorite links and review your posts and questions, while not as comprehensive as the workspace it does serve many of the old functions.

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by Hoibie In reply to Yes there once was a plac ...

I did see that "My Stuff" object/tab. But I didn't see a button or command anywhere to save, for instance, a link which is what I'm really after. Maybe it's a browser issue on my side?

What's the general sequence to add "stuff" to My Stuff?

Thanks for helping...


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At the bottom of each post is a Favorite button

by Michael Jay In reply to OK!

click on that and it will add a link in your Favorites, used to be you could add any link you wanted, that seems to be gone.

For adding contacts, hover your mouse over the avatar, and click follow, this adds that person to your contacts, if that person adds you, you may be able to peer mail, or message that person directly thru TR, the current functionality of that feature is in question.

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To quickly get to where you can look at My Stuff

by Michael Jay In reply to OK!

more accurately, your stuff, just click on your name in your post, also clicking on anyones name will take you to their stuff, you will not be able to see as much of their stuff as you can of your own.

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by Hoibie In reply to To quickly get to where y ...

OK, Jay. I see how it works now. I can now probably get rid of quite a few email/gmail inbox newsletters this way. Just what I was after. I'll play some more with it.

Actually, mpw that I've found it, it only took about 10 seconds to realize there's "more" under the "More" button on these email digest thingies. Cool!

Thank you!


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