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    TechRepublic Roadshow: Louisville, KY


    by beth blakely ·

    This forum is for those who plan to attend the TechRepublic Roadshow: Handling Internal Security Threats in Louisville, KY on May 13, 2005.

    Use this space to get to know one another. Feel free to talk about specific security issues you’re having or subjects you’d like to address when you meet face to face.

    You may register for this event here:
    You may see who else is on the guest list here:
    And download sample discussion scenarios for the event here:

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      Registration link not functioning

      by jeff ·

      In reply to TechRepublic Roadshow: Louisville, KY

      The registration link is not functioning. Can you post another?

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        The link has been repaired.

        by Jay Garmon ·

        In reply to Registration link not functioning

        Please let me know if the problem persists.

        –Note, to register, your PC must be able to maintain a TechRepublic log-in cookie for the duration of the registration process.–

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