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TechRepublic Takes A Dive?

By dotxen ·
The quality of the threads, the subjects posted and the responses are becoming a tad juvenile, tedious and rather silly, in my opinion.

Are we really bothered with the bi-monthly "Stupid things that users do"? This is hackneyed and pointless.

Then there are the 'desperate' who go unnoticed in their lives and work. They offer us such blazing insight from threads as sharp as "Why did you choose your operating system?". What hope is there with banalities like that circulating what is supposed to be an intelligent forum.

On top of those we have the threads which try to present a contentious issue to provoke discussion and to reflect the contributor's own startling intellect. A sort of voyueristic situation where the contributor can rush to the computer hoping to see an endless tree of equally nihilistic responses.

What of the TechRepublic folk themselves? Presumably they scratch a living from the click-throughs and the, supposed, fame and popularity of this on-line tabloid.

As for the articles and the technical advice etc, I am not sure that knowing '10 ways to avoid switching off your computer' is going to enlighten anyone or push back the borders of technology.

Will I rush home to breathlessly check to see the responses to this thread? Possibly, because I am no different to anyone else in that respect. I have, on occasions, contributed and I have been guilty of the crimes and misdemeanors I outlined above. Why, well I suppose I just wanted to to get some attention. Maybe that's what it's about.

I promise to try very hard and to contribute only that which is aimed at the over 12s.

I look forward to some attention.

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I like the fact

by Neil Higgins In reply to TechRepublic Takes A Dive ...

that you can post about anything,from operating systems,to the correct way of taking a sledgehammer to an old hard drive.This community is fun,and often very funny.If you want to get really serious,join Apple,or Microsoft.TR is a great way to spend a few minutes,when I should be doing other things,such as purging the office pc of a virus,or deleating a 1000 spam-begging letters.I hope TR never folds,and continues to inform,entertain,and have such a great bunch of loyal the cheque in the post yet?

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I see your point, but not everything has to have a point.

by tech_guy_dave In reply to TechRepublic Takes A Dive ...

As a newbie to TR, I find the simple posts are very beneficial. You do make me introspect a bit as to weather or not I am making a contribution to this community or wasting text fields. I imagine that the 'very serious programmers' don't spend their time posting to blogs and threads. I am not sure what I can contribute at this point other than opinion, but I will make a concerted effort to learn this community and effort usefulness. I do agree, however, that sometimes a little humor and time-wasting are as important as the deepest discussions.

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