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TechRepublic trails the Industry?

By gbhall ·
TechRepublic is supposed to be one of the leaders in our Industry as a source of informed comment and help - look at it. Blogs, downloads, forums, webcasts, white papers and more.

Indeed, since I receive emails of some of these things (by request), I am indeed aware of how helpful some can be.

How very, very distressing then, that once a topic disappears from my PC, receovering it again on the site is next to impossible. This is because of the total inadequacy of the TechRepublic search facility.

A massive IT resource, next to useless without the means of accessing it. Don't believe it? Try this....

Just a week or two ago there was an item (and I might not be able to remember if it was a blog, a forum or a white paper), but it had to do with server operating systems, their current popularity, and it contained a survey. Now with those clues, try to find it in Tech Republic.

You probably won't, so I now recall the beginning of the title, it was "Do you still support". Still can't find it can you?

Now try Google with the same phrase, and it comes first. How VERY embarrassing for the IT experts, don't you think?

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Couple of points....

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to TechRepublic trails the I ...

A: Google is a multi billion pound company with dedicated search.

There is no comparison to be made with any other 'local website' serach engine.

May as well compare you to an army of a million IT techs in terms of what you can achieve.

B: You have made 7 posts yet have been here since 2001, where have you been?

Why have you not contributed more to this resource?

Had you commented on a post our used the save featues you could find YOUR items no problem.
Being such a long term member you should know by now about these features and have no excuse.

How VERY embarrassing for the gbhall, don't you think?

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time, time and more time

by gbhall In reply to Couple of points....

I have a little more time now than I used to. I often keep my mouth shut unless I have something useful to say. I can certainly suggest some simple improvements to the search facility, and no, remembering the title more accurately is not one of them.

How about
(a) first try a search on the exact text entered
(b) offer ranking choices such as by date, popularity
(c) rank search hits by the total hit score against the words entered, but weighted by word frequency in natural language (that is, weight uncommon words strongly, and words like 'the', 'and', 'of' not at all.

I don't see why I need to comment on a topic in order to find my way back to it, but sure, that does seem to be one way...if I can find where 'my posts' is to be found.

The save features....never noticed any in newsletters, nor anywhere else for that matter, but someone will tell me where they are, probably. Thanks for the tip.

I'm sorry if I am upsetting a pair of amateurs running Techrepublic by themselves - it does not give that impression to me at all - rather as a professionally run site with some distinctly undeveloped areas. I have sometimes found a biting comment works against people who are supposed to be professionals but are not doing a very professional job, my apologies to any TechRepublic staffer who considers him/herself to be an amateur.

Oh, PS since you seem keen on me contributing, I find the need to sign on again to view all posts a real blast. I'm already signed on once thanks.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to time, time and more time

"I find the need to sign on again to view all posts a real blast."

Again we're in accord, although others have reported not having this problem. If you'll click on the link for the first comment, then click the 'View All' from there instead of from the original article, you'll find you don't need to re-enter your credentials.

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I don't even do that

by NickNielsen In reply to Workaround.

Since it takes two clicks anyway, I click on View all, then click on the Login button without entering anything. I get right in.

Don't know why that screen shows up on TR and not over on ZDNet, but it does. It's probably a checkbox somewhere that just got overlooked.

edit: posting while distracted

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Here is another I cannot find

by gbhall In reply to time, time and more time

I saved a useful TechRepublic item about in 2001. Now I want to refer to it to help someone with a problem. Unfortunately, the saved htm file has lost the graphics which are essential to the peice. The full title of the article was

"Try these Windows 2000 problem solvers"

Putting that into the search yields 74,092 hits in TR

The full address was

and I still cannot find it !! Can anyone help?

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Maybe you need a tutorial on how to search.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Here is another I cannot ...

When I searched for "Try these Windows 2000 problem solvers" (You DID include the quotes, didn't you?)

there were only two messages.... the one I am now replying to, and

which links to the article I think you were looking for.

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That's enough, but thanks for the link...finally.

by gbhall In reply to Maybe you need a tutorial ...

yes I did try both with and without the quotes. With the quotes, I got 'nothing found', without them I got (as described 7,400 odd links). 420 returns come from that search, if you include 'in forums'. That is not where you start from, necessarily. In all of TR, you get nothing at all Try it.
I reiterate that the search is useless, and have posted some simple things that would improve it. Nuff said on this topic.

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Yeah I know

by Oz_Media In reply to Here ya' go

Took me a whole 2 minutes too, because TR was a bit slow today.

Whatever, people always complain because they don't know how to navigate this site. You remember how much Q&A we went through to try and find the best way to set up links and doorways for these guys, it wasn't just thrown together haphazardly, as the post implies.

It's like the people who complain about topics shown on the main forum page, not realizing that they are simply looking at the most recently updated thread and that there are specific topics/sections if you click the BROWSE tab.

You can lead them to water.....

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