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TechRepublic User Responsibilities

By donq ·
Looking over most responses I note the vast majority are not rated. That is unfair (Accepted or Rejected) to the individual taking the effort to help a contemporary.

I would propose TechRepublic award offered points and remove the asked questionautomatically when answers go unattended for more than 34-45 days! What would you suggest to incourage fair-play and/or user accountability?

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Check Out Technical Q&A

by Vanderlay In reply to TechRepublic User Respons ...

The Technical Q&A portion of TechRepublic's Web site supports these types of things. Anything posted here in the discussions can't be rated or awarded techpoints to encourage a response. Hope this helps.


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I Know That???

by donq In reply to Check Out Technical Q&A

I recognize that fact and was wondreing what we (as users) could do about the unsaaigned 231560 points that remain open. Not here in the discussion area but in the arena where Q&A are rated as a courtesy!

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Look Here

by SyscoKid In reply to I Know That???

hi databyte, -Q has picked up that ball and run with it. Jump in here!

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A Thousand Pardons

by SyscoKid In reply to I Know That???

I see you're already there!

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by Vanderlay In reply to I Know That???

Sorry about that. I misunderstood. How would you propose TR do this. If there was a proposed way I am sure they would listen. I guess they could take the current "rules" and apply them to the pre-V4 release and that should flush out all of the points and close the questions.


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Beginner Discouraged

by Al Macintyre In reply to Check Out Technical Q&A

It is MUCH easier to post replies to Techical Q+A than to figure out how to work the rating choices ... once I post a reply to a question, it is too late for me to post a reating & no way to oops back out of that.

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Discussions and Q&A

by Jim Hawken In reply to Beginner Discouraged

I don't care much about the Q&A points, although I haven't been part of this long enough to check out what they're good for. I wouldn't withhold help I could provide because points weren't offered, and would hope that others would do the same.

It seems to me there are a lot of items in Discussions that should be in Q&A. It'd be easier to pick out discussions worth following if there weren't so many technical questions mixed in.

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by Al Macintyre In reply to Discussions and Q&A

I agree - titles of discussions are also often very misleading ... there are some I think are great & on point such as

Excising Pirarcy &
Disaster Recovery Planning

but the vast majority seem to be discussion topic named on a whim, also variations on another same question.

I think that it is easier to post a technical question in the discussion area because of how TR infrastructure functions.

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Title later adjust

by Al Macintyre In reply to TechRepublic User Respons ...

TR software needs to have the provision so that a title can later be adjusted by the person who starts a discussion so that it BETTER STATES what the discussion is about, after initial respondents suggest to the starter what might be a better title.

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