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By ncjks ·
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Like most of you, I get TechRepublic email updates and links to their videos and accasionally encounter topics of interest.

Now you can call me a crumudgeon but I think the video reports are a complete mistake. I would much rather have the transcript of the video for the following reasons:

You can't cut and paste video to share.

You can't tell if the video is going to be on-point so you have to waste your time to watch all of it even if it isn't.

It's extreemly difficult to focus on the important knowledge in a segment when it surrounded by some much content that's just "noise."

Do us a favor and provide transcripts that we can skim in 20 seconds and spare us the time we waste watching the syrupy video.


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by Jellimonsta In reply to Techrepublic Videos

Well, you said I could!

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Techrepublic Videos

First, I agree with you in general. I don't like a video format either. For whatever reason, I find it difficult to focus on the content. I also feel it's presented much slower than I could read a corresponding transcript. It's also difficult to go back and forth to review previous comments or topics, at least for me.

That said, you can always share it by e-mailing a link to the video. Videos or audios are relatively cheap to make compared to the cost of someone transcribing the recorded content.

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Video Transcripts

by ncjks In reply to Reply

Don't you think, by the time they commit the content to video, someone's already got a soft copy transcript that could be converted to a link on the webpage? So I can't imagine it's a cost issue. I think there's two things going on...

One is that TechRepublic thinks videos are cool and that page views will increase.

Two is that TechRepublic thinks videos are sticky and that people look at their ad's longer.

If I sent any of these videos to any of my coworkers, they'd ask me to "get to the point."


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by mehrhart2 In reply to Video Transcripts

The videos are a waste of time, bandwidth, and are completely unnecessary. You can make your 5-10 points easily through text.

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Under the video is usually a link

by w2ktechman In reply to Agree

for the transcribed version

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