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TechRepublic wants to attract people in foolish way ...

By click2dharma ·
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TechRepublic wants to wandering the people inside the is the process of cheat.Download links are broken after long travel.

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by .Martin. In reply to TechRepublic wants to att ...

I have never experienced anything you ramble about...

and if you think this is such a bad website why did you sign up???

wouldn't Internet Explorer close if you didn't sign up???

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Wandering? You're still in India !! More likely ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to TechRepublic wants to att ...

That you have a dodgy internet connection or the little man outside your window on the bicycle-generator took a tea break!

My ludicrous suggestion carries more weight than your insinuations!

Why don't you give some tangible details as to your problems instead of whining and complaining like a child?

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I wonder....

by bart777 In reply to Wandering? You're still i ...

Do you folks think he's trying to gain access to files and articles on Windows NT4, or perhaps Windows for Workgroups?

Maybe he's trying to get his Windows 95 machine to run properly?

The only time I've found bad links are in OLD articles that have links to sites that aren't there anymore. Then again I WAS trying to find some info for a NT4 problem at that time.

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- Not beyond the realms of possibility ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I wonder....

But, in all likelihood, beyond the capabilities of any online noticeboard if the search has an archaeological 'quality' about it.

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Even a year old

by jdclyde In reply to I wonder....

with the revisions that have gone on.

I know I would not want to be responsible/to blame for keeping all the links working..... ;\

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If you have difficulties with navigation or a dead link

by jdclyde In reply to TechRepublic wants to att ...

You have but to either ask for assistance or hit the help at the bottem.

After you learn the basics of the internet, you will learn that any website of this size is bound to have the occasional glitch (cough cough).

If the page is not useful, users will not come back, and THAT is the goal, to get and RETAIN visitors.

Getting hostile reflects poorly upon you, not the site. Relax, start over, and let them know where you are having your issues and you will be helped.

Get hostile like this and you will not be missed. Your choice.

Care to start over?

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I think

by Jellimonsta In reply to If you have difficulties ...

Max could give him a link that works! ;\

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Did it hurt?

by jdclyde In reply to I think

The thinking part, that is....

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by Kenone In reply to Did it hurt?

Now who's getting hostile?

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