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TechRepublic Whitepaper Quality

By brian ·
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Today, I was sent a "whitepaper" about SCSI. While some of the historical beginnings of SCSI was interesting and good, a lot of the facts contained in the paper were dated, missing, or incorrect. Such as Fibre channel was only listed at 4GB. Or making a general statement that Ultra320 SCSI cables can go 25 meters (I've never seen an LVD cable even go half that distance). Or calling a RAID a "Random" Array of "Independent" Disks. Yes, I suppose RAID can mean that, but it's an obscure reference. Then they took the time to show how a parallel 8 or 16 bit SCSI bus works. But didn't even mention how it would work transmitting serialized on a fibre/ethernet cable. They also claim that using a software iSCSI initiator will overwhelm your system if you get too much traffic. Hello? Not with today's motherboards, it barely uses 10% CPU at 2GB/sec (1GB full duplex max'd out).

Bottom line: this white paper may have been appropriate 10 years ago, but not today.

It seems like these white papers coming from TechRepublic are written half hazard without much proofreading or research.

I'm not saying that I'm writing off TechRepublic just yet, sometimes they have very good articles and information. But these so called "white papers" are becoming offensive.

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What is the date on this Whitepaper?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TechRepublic Whitepaper Q ...

With the site changes it's possible that some old Whitepapers get sent out by mistake as they get re added to the Data Base.


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No Excuse

by dogknees In reply to What is the date on this ...

Given everything else that's gone wrong here in the last few months, I'd expect them to make sure they get it right from here on out. Learn from the mistakes, don't keep repeating them.

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