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TechRepublic's official feedback thread for the 2011 upgrade

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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Alright, so we've launched the new version of TechRepublic and we're very pretty excited about. See:

On the other hand, we know that we've moved your cheese (see and we realize that many of you who come here everyday are going to take a while to get used to the new layout.

However, we'd like your constructive feedback, and your help in running down bugs and alerting us to things we've inadvertently (or purposefully) changed that could have unintended consequences. Please post your feedback, bugs, errors, (and even applause) in this thread. If someone posts something that you agree with or were going to post then use the "+" voting button to vote it up. If someone posts something you disagree with then use the "-" voting button to vote it down.

Thanks in advance for helping us make the site better. We always appreciate your time and input.

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Change your avatar

by santeewelding In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

To a smiley face.

Might deflect the shilt that is sure to come.

Myself, I think you and your people done good.

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by Oz_Media In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

As usual, TR uses a pleasing colour scheme, though a bit bland on a notebook without colour matching. Navigation is more complicated and will simply perpetuate the ongoing issue with people not finding their chosen content or posting in the wrong places.

NOTE: When you edit a comment, all previous formatting is lost and you have to space paragraphs all over again.

I've come to expect that though, no matter how many changes have been made and how many times TR asked for feedback to find out people want it simplied, it continues to look too busy and takes what would be very simple navigation and turn it into a confusing mess of links (techs, you can't live with 'em and you can't teach them what KISS means).

Oh hey, I just realised that, under a group of unrelated sidebars all offering links or ads, there is still a short Hot Discussions list (well a bunch of big blue bars with links anyway), hang on, it was on another page too, in a different place though.

Sorry but you guys could have done WAAAAAAAAAY better.

I know it takes a while to get comfortable with changes but this is just bad navigation gone worse. There's no logical layout, it changes depending on what page you are on, ads and galleries are mixed with links.

The right side bar is just a mix of rubbish with no logical layout at all. The last layout was the best yet, after many changes, but this is just good potential made to look like a mess.

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Ditto on the paragraph formatting.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to 50/50

I'm using FF 3.6, if that makes any difference.

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Can you believe it????

by Oz_Media In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

Holy crap! Not only is my avatar missing, now I have to open a new account with another picture host. I only assume TR gets paid for image loads or something. So I grudgingly open an account with another hokey online host, pull my avatar from my current picture hosty, upload it and guess what? IT'S A DIFFERENT SIZE AVATAR NOW! So now I have to open in Fireworks, resize, trim redraw, all of my avatars (about 8 for the year) because, for some unknown reason, TR changed sizing and forces using their chosen avatar host. Thanks again fella's! Oh hey, look at THAT, ANOTHER mess of links in a big blue bar at the bottom of the page, NIIIIICE layout guys, didi everyone design a panel at home and then they were all just thrown onto a page with no rhyme or reason? ICK! Of course, you have to scroll by a hideously balanced left white space with bar after bar of links on one side, in order to get to it though.

Why do people do this when simple site changes to an existing format offer a vast improvements without redesigning the whole page and then reworking a ghastly layout for a year until it becomes sorta usable again. To think that with the money and resources C-Net has, this is the best they can come up with, a website that works like it was designed by n00bs on crack.

I've seen some sketchy changes here over the years, this has got to be just an early April fools days joke though.

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Get real

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to Can you believe it????

You're suggesting we get paid for image loads? Please. You're a lot smarter than that. (But, then again, I did get a good laugh out of it.)

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So, it's just a user inconvenience then?

by Oz_Media In reply to Get real

I thought there had to be some motivation to have a single chocie for user image storage.

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How is it inconvenient?

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to So, it's just a user inco ...

All you need is an email address and an image, plus then you can not only use it on our site but others as well.

From our perspective, we get a service that scales images well and keeps up with the latest security and decency filtering in images.

Win-win from our perspective.

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From your perspective isn't everyone's perspective

by Justin James Contributor In reply to How is it inconvenient?

Jason -

Gravatar should be an option, not a mandatory. Not everyone wants to set up a Gravatar account. I know I didn't want to. It's like the sites that use stupid OpenID for authentication... I now have a WordPress account that I'll never use, just so I can post questions to StackOverflow. It supposedly cuts the clutter for users, but for folks who only need it for one site, it increases the clutter.

The better approach would be to push Gravatar, but have a fallback option using the old system.


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by Oz_Media In reply to From your perspective isn ...

I sighed when I realized I was forced to jopin another site, that offers free image storage for an email address, certainly an invitation to a flood of spam and junk mail from their 'affiliates' (anyone who wants to buy the addresses from them.

The main PO for me was the change in sizing though.

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I'll be one of the blank avatars

by Neon Samurai In reply to From your perspective isn ...

I thought TR might be offering a new library of avatar images but nope.. the profile link lead me to the Gravatar site. It would be nice if TR offered a short list of directly hosted icons. With only two of many websites asking me to join Gravatar; I'll be remaining a blank avatar likely.

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