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TechRepublics twoForOne Sale--WatchOut

By mattie289404 ·
Maybe its just coincidence but I'm not gonna buy something else to see, so let me know how your experience turns out. Here's what happen:
TechRepublic offered a Two for One sale for Mother's Day from their book store. So I ordered the PC Troubleshooter Resource Guide, Fifth Edition; it was a download file and a CD Set, it cost $89.00 plus 10.99 for shipping the CD's, second item was Quick Reference PC Troubleshooting Pak which was $59.00, that one had to be mailed. So I checked out, downloaded the PC Troubleshooter file, then later received an email that the second Item was out of stock! So I am charged $99.00, no free second item and you're not allowed to go back in and re-order because the transaction is already completed. I call that a RIP-OFF..

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Have you contacted TR?

by seanferd In reply to TechRepublics twoForOne S ...

Failing a different contact address you might have specifically related to making your purchase, there is the Site Feedback button.

Feedback is also how you should have tagged your post, and most of the other tags really don't apply.

Seriously, send TR an email, and see if you can get any help on this.

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Can you peer mail me please...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to TechRepublics twoForOne S ...

I work in this department so I would need you to peer mail me, so I can offer assistance on getting this issue resolved for you.

I do apologize for the inconvienence this has caused you as this was never our intent.

-Tammy [_]3

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Update for you...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to TechRepublics twoForOne S ...

The item in question was marked as "back-ordered" not sold out, this was an error within our store as the item is not on back order or sold out. We are checking into this issue on why this happened.

You will be receiving the free item you had ordered.

We do apologize once again for the confusion and inconvience this issue has caused you.

-Tammy [_]3

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Update of Two for One order

by mattie289404 In reply to Update for you...

I received a call from TechRepubic representative and as you saw above I was told that the computer has it listed as "out of stock" because one sheet of the four-pak was not in stock and it was an automated message; however, they are in stock and I will be receiving my free gift..thanks everyone for replying, it helped, and thanks Techrepublic for setting this straight. However, it would be nice if it showed "out of stock' in the bookstore and not finding out after the fact.
There was no back-button to push nothing indicated it was out-of-stock until after the order was placed and finalized. Then I received the email.

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We told you

by shasca In reply to Update of Two for One or ...
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Thanks so much!

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Update of Two for One or ...

If a product is actually out of stock - its taken out of the store, so no one can click on it to order that item. For what ever reason, the ordering system read the product as being out of stock/back ordered, when in fact the item was available in the store.

We do appreciate the feedback.

-Tammy [_]3

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