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    Techrpublic has made me lazy :)


    by jiminpa

    Lately I find myself posting questions in the question forum for things I could probably easily Google in less than 5 minutes. The wealth of knowledge and how freely it is dispensed here has made me lazy. Of course I am generous with the thumbs.

    Anyone else finding themselves in the same boat?


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      Once in a while

      by the scummy one

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      when I am too busy, I may post a question. However often I post just to give t-ups

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      Question for you

      by the scummy one

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      how do we change the t-ups to 1-ups???

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        As a befuddled look comes over JJ’s face he thinks to himself…

        by jiminpa

        In reply to Question for you



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        Wait… I get it now :D

        by jiminpa

        In reply to Question for you

        Hey Tammy… enhancement request

        Can we have the ability to give both thumbs up and um… 1-ups?


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          by Tammy.Cavadias

          In reply to Wait… I get it now :D

          I have no clue what the heck a 1-up is… is that a new drink? I could use a drink.. margaritas anyone?

          -Tammy 馃檪

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          a 1-Up

          by the scummy one

          In reply to No..because…

          is extra lives in a video game. Geez, didnt you ever play Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, or any other video game???

          Maybe I’ve played a few too many :0

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          Ms. Pac-man

          by Tammy.Cavadias

          In reply to a 1-Up

          Galacia, Donkey Kong and Centipede is all I played and I don’t remember no 1-up.. but then again I am getting old and my memory is vague at best…


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          They all had them

          by w2ktechman

          In reply to Ms. Pac-man

          so you must have been a horrible player, or your memory is just wasted (take your pick) :^0 馃榾

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          Did they?

          by Tammy.Cavadias

          In reply to They all had them

          Well I memorized the patterns back then… maybe that was why I never remember a 1-up.

          Too bad my memory now isn’t as good as it was waaaaaaaay back when.. gee that was like… ummm.. like 30 odd years ago


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          I’ve never heard the term either.

          by charliespencer

          In reply to They all had them

          I was an avid arcade rat in the early 80’s, but we used the term “extra life”. I haven’t heard the term ‘1-up’ before either.

          Most of the time I was in pursuit of extra balls, multi-ball play, and free games while avoiding tilts. Some (most?) of you may not know what those formerly common arcade terms mean.

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          1 up

          by wizard-09

          In reply to They all had them

          The old marrio games had the one up’s, on the old nes awww the good old days 馃榾

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          Is it slang or …

          by rob mekel

          In reply to They all had them

          So it ain’t slang for 7-Up 馃槈

          Don’t know about games in the US but in the old day’s overhere we started with 3-Up.
          Believe it or not I never came down to 2-Up 馃檪

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          The newer Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii has 1-ups.

          by ontheropes

          In reply to They all had them

          Great game too. I think that has it listed as the #2 favorite game for the Wii and it came out over a year ago. It cost me 50 bucks (yeowch!) to find out what it’s all about. It’s no side-scroller, that’s for sure.

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          When you got

          by w2ktechman

          In reply to They all had them

          Extra Lives on a game (even still), most games show 1-UP rather than Extra Life. It is referred to as an extra life, however it shows on the screen as 1-UP. Most commonly referred to as a 1_UP in Super Mario games on Nintendo though.

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          by jiminpa

          In reply to a 1-Up

          I guess I didn’t get it after all. I thought you were referring to letting someone know they were number one after a smarta$$ comment.


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      by snuffy09

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      I was thinking that myself a few weeks ago, I thought it was just me.

      But im not above easy info, I didn?t find this site until 3 years after my first/previous IT job which all I did was ?googel-ing.? Google can get very frustrating if you are not looking for a solution to a popular software or hardware device

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      Perfectly OK

      by ic-it

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      Especially since you have been generous with the thumbs. 馃檪

      I think that there are enough times that we are up to our neck in alligators and can use assistance from another.

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      You can be as lazy as you like

      by rob miners

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      it’s OK by me. You are not backward in coming forward with the Thumbs for Helpful Answers. Your not on my ignore list. 馃榾

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      It is nice to be the number one resource of places to turn to….

      by thumbsup2

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      I have to admit, I too turn here first. We can always trust the responses to be more accurate than any Google search ever thought of being.

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      I search for solutions to my problems here.

      by ontheropes

      In reply to Techrpublic has made me lazy :)

      Occasionally you’ll see me asking a question or two. I remember once being really stoned out of my gourd on Oxycontin after wrist surgery and posting a question with a customer on the way over to the house and getting an answer from Tigger inside of five minutes. Kept me from looking like I was stoned out of my mind on Oxycontin. My customer thought I appeared normal when I asked her. Apparently a normal look for me is being stoned to the bone. :^0 I sure wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

      Sometimes just asking a question will jog something in my memory reminding me where to look. I don’t really expect to be spoon-fed the answer but sometimes I am anyway.

      I browse all parts of TR, not the blogs so much, even though I mostly stick to posting to off-topic discussions. I like browsing the site like that because some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen at TR has been on the questions forum. It’s all about having a good time. If I’m not having a good time I’m not here.

      Usually someone has answered the easy questions by the time I get to them so I don’t bother posting. Sometimes I’ll browse to see if I can answer a more difficult question and post a link to the answer. Depends on how lazy I’m feeling.

      I’ll say that it’s because of TR and some experimentation that I have my computers and network set-up the way I do. (Knock on wood) Everything works the way that it’s supposed to and my two users and myself are very pleased with our simple home set-up. We haven’t been hammered with anything but minor outages for years now. We must be doing something right.

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