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By FluxIt ·
Why is it so many tech's think they know it all?

As I read down through many of the postings, people correct others with just as incorrect information as the ones the are correcting. Is it possible that no one knows anything? There are so many geniuses that genius means nothing.

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Because I do!

by jdmercha In reply to TECH'S KNOW IT ALL

I don't think it is tech's per se, but online forums. Look at non-tech forums and you'll see the same thing. With postings being anonymous, with no repercussions for spouting lies, people will say anything. Especially if they think they might get a rise out of someone.

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Yep..what he said...

by TomSal In reply to Because I do!

Basically I feel the same as what was said before me. Anyone can be/sound/feel/act or portrait nearly anything on a Internet forum that requires nothing but a free account and email address to have access too.

I do feel what you are trying to say by creating this topic, I'm glad you posted it -- I thought for a little while I was the only one who had those thoughts.

Its like everyone wants to just dig or get the one up on everyone else. Believe it or not this forum isn't that bad at all with that though..its actually one of the more "tame" forums I participate in. The gamer forums are brutal, everyone is a smartarse for every 1 thing that someone says in even the slighest positive light as a response, you get 10 replies back that is pure smartarse remarks and then another 20 that are just total negativity. Its like downing someone's topic/post/comments is what is "cool" these days.

Of course a lot of the folks on those boards aren't even 21 years old, so I take that into consideration too.

Anyway my final thought is I've no problem with folks adding to or even correcting other people -- its two things to consider though or else the person correcting looks like arse:

1) If you are going to correct someone (especially with technical information) make sure your information is itself correct OR at the very least, if offering opinion on a similar experience don't state it as fact but quantify it as "well in my experience this was the case....." or something similar.

2) Be cool about it, unless you are provoked or the previous post was someone trying to get a rise out of cool.


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by Packratt In reply to TECH'S KNOW IT ALL

Many of them suffer from egotistical megalomania with delusions of grandure so severe that they've had a psychotic break from reality.

Seriously, look at the typical replies around here in response to anyone who has difficulty finding a tech job in this tight market; where the IT unemployment rate is outpacing the general overall unemployment rate. All the employed techs swarm in with snide remarks of self congratulatory glee and prejudicial ignorance by blaming the person for their own difficulties and stating outright that the person must be dumb or a "paper professional", something less than they are.

I've never seen such a collection of deluded self absorbed Wile E Coyote fools in my life. They put Scrooge to shame with their "that's what poorhouses and sweatshops are for" attitudes.

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They are trying to help

by Bratt In reply to Because

The answers to some of these questions depend on the whole picture and sometime when people post a question they don't paint you the whole picture. I think it's pretty cool that others try and help though.

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With abusive help like that...

by Packratt In reply to They are trying to help

who the heck needs enemies?

Really, I think you need to go back and re-read some of the abusive "help" that's been offered around here down through the ages.

A lot of painfully obvious advice that any person of average intelligence would have and likely already has tried is the most helpfull it gets.. But usually it's just abusive and demeaning snide remarks about how whomever is asking for help shouldn't be in IT because they aren't as obviously superior like the responder is.

Looks like a gaggle of some sort of self proclaimed master race eugenicists in here sometimes.

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by Oz_Media In reply to With abusive help like th ...

First of all this is a discussion forum, not the Technical Q&A forum. People posting here are asking for opinions, whether personal or professional, regarding a certain topic of discussion. These responses cannot be expected to simply candy coat the issues with lollipops and rainbows.

If someone asks for opinions, you should be prepared to recieve opinions, not simply facts based on the job market in YOUR area etc. Your state should offer those facts for you. YOu should expect opinions from other people who have been in the same boat or managed to get out of a rut, or even knew someone else who did.

It seems that what you are looking for is simply agreement and some heavy petting, sorry, mom's not here.

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by Packratt In reply to Help?

for proving my point.

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Oz does't count....

by secure_lockdown In reply to Thanks

he is a total goof and not indicative of the employed tech that wander TR forums.

I will try to help where I can. I try to give help based on on the job expereince and things that have worked for me. not recite the MS KB's.

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Keyword: Some

by Packratt In reply to Oz does't count....

I've never said all the people here are examples of the intolerance, narrowmindedness, callousness, and inhumanity that I'm talking about. But Oz is a proud example of the type of people that I was describing and there are quite a few of them here... but not all employed IT people are like that, never said they were.

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Well done

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz does't count....

Another targeted title, how clever.

I just don't see why you are so upset that someone thinks differently than you do. I suppose you are also one of those who support killing what you don't understand.

You are wrong in all of your assumptions of me and my work history. You have been proven wrong as you are only offering unqualified assumptions and yet you still attempt to assert yourself as someone who knows or understands me.

The funny part is you keep referring righteously to the title of the post and how I fit it. You are not seeing how much you echo the theme here yourself though.

First of all, the post is titled "Tech's know it all", then you make a comment such as "Oz does't count.... he is a total goof and not indicative of the employed tech that wander TR forums"

Thus you are emphasizing that as an 'unemployed tech', I don't know what I am talking about.

This is too funny really. All you have tried to prove here is that OTHER people think they know it all and unless thay are a tech they are wrong. Or in simpler terms, TECH'S KNOW IT ALL! LOL What a maroon!

Now whether YOU see it or not, others can.

An unemployed tech? I am self-employed, not unemployed but I don't consider myself 'employed' because I am not on the standard F?T employee/payroll system where I do the 9-5 in an office. You are one confused little man and you continue to prove it to all.

But if you want me to fall into suit with your own comments when you run out of logic, then I can always resort to calling you a complete goof too, it's not very clever but whatever.

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