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Techs unite in support of the best - Novell

By Jim Phelps ·
Well, people, many of us have been discussing for a while now how that Novell is superior to Microsoft as far as the quality of their networking software.

We're the experts; we're the ones who install, configure, and maintain the stuff.

If we all unite, do you think there's much chance of us convincing the powers that be that Novell is a much better way to go?

And while we're at it, don't forget email. Groupwise is FAR BETTER than Outlook / Exchange.

Anybody have any ideas about how we can convince the decision makers in our company that the company would be far better off with Novell than with Microsoft?

I'm not even allowed to say the word "Novell" at my company. The few times I did, my supervisor let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I definitely don't want to "go there".

Any ideas, anyone?

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by djent In reply to Techs unite in support of ...

It seems that in the mid 90s we all fled Novell because they got to dictitorial. The better option is to choose the product that best is suited to the task, be it MS, Linux or Novell. A split market forces each vendor to be competitive on price, features and quality. May the greater coexist with the lesser, while looking over his shoulder.

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