Tecra S1 bios detection

By livaky ·

I have a problem with a new DVD-RW unit (,,2076_310070061_302357597,00.html ) witch I just install on my Toshiba Tecra S1 notebook.

The problem is that the bios doesn't detect the DVD unit. I have the latest BIOS update but the problem it's the same. I put the HDD in slave... and no change. I start the laptop without the HDD and still the bios didn't "see" the DVD-RW unit.
Please help me with this problem.

Thank you !

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Well BIOS WILL NOT see any Optical Drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Tecra S1 bios detection

As there is no physical media to actually read.

However what you do need to do is to setup the BIOS's Boot Order to Optical as the first Boot Device, HDD as the second Boot Device and work from there.

This is exactly what should be happening as there is nothing to read in the Optical Drive and even if you have a Disc in there the BIOS simply lacks the necessary drivers to read the CD/DVD.


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by djnapkin In reply to Well BIOS [i]WILL NOT[/i] ...

The BIOS is not detecting the drive at all. It's not a problem of it's not booting from it. It's that the PC is not seeing it at all. See my other response.

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Same problem Here

by djnapkin In reply to Tecra S1 bios detection

Yes I have replaced the DVD-ROM is my Tecra S1 with a pioneer DVD-RW (diff model to OP's). The BIOS does not detect the device at all. I am thinking that the Laptop is HardWired to detect only Master or Cable Select Drives, where as the replacement drives are Slave? Can anyone confirm this and/or supply a workaround?

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