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Tele-Commuter Laptops

By joshgenin ·
After 6 years of consulting and support I have accepted a management position as an IT Director and have come across what I'm certain is not a unique situation.

We are a small school and have outside instructors who use need PC's for their position. Instead of buying new ones my CEO wants them to use their own. That in and of itself doesn't bother me but right off the bat I came across the worst case scenario.

The new product development instructor brought in his laptop and it had no service packs, outdated virus definitions and expired definition subscriptions with viruses to go along of course and spy ware up the yahoo.

I explained to my CEO that this is only going to get worse. if they're going to produce work product on the PC's, they need to be at baseline security wise but are almost all going to this bad or worse. How can I draw the line? I certainly don't want to have to buy a new laptop each time (never mind my budget/CEO won?t let me) I also don't want to support everyone's home PC. Where?s the balance?

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One of two directions

by JamesRL In reply to Tele-Commuter Laptops

Either you find some way to help your instructors(CD of freeware antivirus and anti-spyware, plus latest OS service packs etc., given to them as often as its updated) or you provide them with locked down laptops for the time they are working for you, and re-image them when they are not.

Personally I find #1 more appealing.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Tele-Commuter Laptops

I have a cliet with two users that use laptops on the road.

At first the company provided the latos but the users got pissed because they weren't allowed to instal ANYTHIG (and I mean ANYTHING) but there was no policy stating what COULD or COULDN'T be installed. Just whatever the boss felt wasnt' appropriate, and she had NO idea what was or wasn't, just a control issue.

So now they use thir OWN laytops and can install whatever they want, BUT....
I have been allowed to crate a strict policy regarding ANY connections on the LAN. I don;t care WhAT they have at home, but when on th enetwork while in the office they have strong guidleines to follow.

They MUSt use the office AV solution, OR a different system if I deem it capable and safe.

They MUSt hae certain programs installed and security setting must be at a predetermined level.

What they BOTH did, was shipped thier notebooks to me, I checked them out, cleaned up the junk, tweakd them and setup the neccessary network software. They were happy as can be that everything was running fast again and secure. the spyware is gone and a letter to each user, with the returned laptop, explained hwo to keep it setup properly, how to use Adaware, update sigs etc.

They now call me anytime somehing new is gioven to the m to look at, just to make sure it won't slow and crash things for them. I provided a service to them that would cost them money down the road, not only do they have thier OWN laptops that they can use as they wish, they now have a personal tech, the best of ALL world's for them.

Good luck,

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by jdmercha In reply to Tele-Commuter Laptops

CEO's always understand money. You can explain that the cost of supporting a home machine, where usrers don't keep up with patches, and often install mallicious software, far outweighs the cost of buying them a laptop that you can control.

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