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Telecom companies selling your phone logs

By Dr Dij ·
It appears that websites now promise to lookup anyone for $89.95, showing what telephone#s you called, landline or wireless. They get this info from telcom company insiders who sell it to them.

Apparently it is not illegal. Congress wants to pass a bill making it illegal. Wow, I didn't know they did this. I thought my agreement with them prohibited this. Can you say 'scum of the earth' ? Anyone else have anything to add or anyone to bash?

I'd suggest everyone call 1) their phone company and express their displeasure at this, and find out if their telcom company either prohibits this or tracks down employees who do this, and 2) support law to make this illegal.

forgot source: computer world article on their front page. I wont put a link as computerworld disabled linking to articles if you don't do this by browsing their menus.

Ok, I will provide a link but you'll probably have to browse to it via 'govt topics' instead.,10801,107850,00.html?from=story_picks

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Even More Frightneing

by BFilmFan In reply to Telecom companies selling ...

Most of those bills are processed in a foreign country (Isreal), which doesn't have a good record when it comes to spying on the American government and private citizens.

Calling the phone company is going to be a huge waste of time.

Call your state representatives and encourage them to pass state laws to make it illegal.

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