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    Telegram – not secure?

    by snadge1 ·


    hi there
    I use PC not Android (only on transport) and installed Telegram to get away from WhatsApp – I read on many sites that TG is INSECURE cos its not true end2end encryption but instead server/client encryption…why?
    the FAQs for Telegram mention SECRET CHATS are the ONLY true E2E encryption in their program,,, yet it does not exist?

    so I do some digging over 2 days, turns out TG also created TG+ which DOES have secret chats but your normal chat is same as TG – they should have amended the FAQs to say this but haven’t – I emailed the security team about it a week back and no reply…

    I’ve gone to wire..but people are reporting it being really slow with everyone jumping from WA

    can anyone with real knowledge on good ‘open source’ IM with E2E chats that’s not in a 14EYE jurisdiction (google it), that have a smallish user bases>?


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      Re: secure

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Telegram – not secure?

      The only secure communication you can be sure of, is if you send your message encrypted in a password-protected zip-file.

      I’d say that messages that can be read on the server of the message server (in Telegram, apparently, not in WA) are much less secure than WA which only knowns metadata (like who you messaged to when), even if that metadata might be used to targer advertisements to you in Facebook.

      But, hey, you know better than to use a commercial ad-pushing site like Facebook to communicate with your friends. If you don’t use Facebook, they can’t do anything with that metadata.

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      How secure is secure?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Telegram – not secure?

      From Wikipedia: “As a result, Telegram expanded and strengthened its terrorist content detection and removal efforts. Over 43,000 terrorist-related bots and channels were removed from Telegram.”

      Now that you know this, how could it be secure at all since Telegram was able to read all that and take action?

      1. Kees is spot on.
      2. How secure must it be?
      3. Remember that if it is too secure, governments shut it down. Read

      4. If you want secure, you would use your own cipher.

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      by henry015 ·

      In reply to Telegram – not secure?

      it is more secure than WhatsApp

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      Secure and safe

      by nancysr ·

      In reply to Telegram – not secure?

      The telegram app is 100% secure and safe. I’m using this communication app on my Android phone for the last 2 years. And still, I didn’t face any type of problem with security.

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      Secure Or Not?

      by jjgupta915 ·

      In reply to Telegram – not secure?


      Telegram is secure and safe. I am using telegram since 2 years and never face any type of security issues with it.


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