Tell me about Microsoft Virtual PC

By jardinier ·
I found this item in a list of free software in an online magazine. I have always wanted to run DOS (MS or Dr) and perhaps some Windows 3.1 programs on my machine which runs both 98 SE and XP Pro.

Have any of you had experience with this product? Can I use it for a DOS/Win 3.1 installation?

Thanks. Because I totally missed out on the DOS era I have always wanted to have access to it so that I could at least play around with it.

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by willcomp In reply to Tell me about Microsoft V ...

Virtual PC 2007 supports Win98 and later OSes. Win95 can be made to work. I don't know of any way to install DOS on VPC.

For more information:

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"Control Physical Drive A:

by 1bn0 In reply to No DOS

Place a bootable DOS disk in your 3?" floppy disk drive. Select "Control Physical Drive A:" from the Floppy menu.

It will boot to a DOS prompt.

You will still have to create a dos partition using FDISK. Then reboot and format the partition.

Does work, just did it.

Or use a boot floppy image if you have.

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The DOS mode in Win98

by Dumphrey In reply to No DOS

is almost complete DOS if im not mistaken...
Also FreeDOS does install from CD into Virtual PC.

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Q for 1bn0 & Dumphrey ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No DOS

Running DOS into Virtual PC, how can you emulate what would've originally been a D-Sub port for a joystick?

Somewhere I've still got an F-15E Talon Joystick from SUNCOM !! Here's a little trip into history for you ...

Unfortunately due to Uncle Bill, I can't use these anymore unless you know otherwise . . .

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Oh ! - If you have a stinkingly-rich Benefactor ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Q for 1bn0 & Dumphrey ...
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nice rig, say, how did you get that readout, I thought that was clasified?

by Neon Samurai In reply to Oh ! - If you have a stin ...


I was salivating of the flight seat and pondering an ah64 custom build when I remembered a story from long ago. Kids in the canadian air cadets have a selection of summer camps hosted on military bases. One is on a canadian airbase where a few f18 squadrons fly out of.

Each new batch of cadets during the summer get's a list of warnings including the warning about not going near parked F18 and if your dumb enough to do so, don't take your camera for a few cabin snapshots; they've a thing about keeping classified instrument displays classified.

All I could think when I saw it was; I wonder if they can include the "intersting" instrument displays also. I think half the stuff in the AH64 cockpit is classified but I'm guessing blindly there.

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AH64: the pilot is seated in the rear - thought everyone knew that...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to nice rig, say, how did yo ...

If that were an AH64 you'd be lookin' at the Gunnery Officer's chair. The Pilot is about fourteen feet behind him.

What's 'Classified' is what I DIDN'T say in the Spotlight. Not to Sonja and certainly not to the WORLD.

But if you want to join your own sh!tlist, try Falcon 4 :: Allied Force.

Anything else is simply ... ##

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So this connects through the old

by Dumphrey In reply to Q for 1bn0 & Dumphrey ...

serial "joystick" port on sound cards? Dang...
The problem with all virt software is hardware is limited to a pre defined set, and virtual PC has very limited usb support on top of that. I would wonder if DosBox would be a better option.
If you have a box that takes ISA cards I can send you a sound card with joystick port.

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for me, it's still Longbow2

by Neon Samurai In reply to Q for 1bn0 & Dumphrey ...

The update treadmill surpassed Jane's Longbow2 in the win98 days but it remains the flightsim I've not been able to replace. I keep planning to build an old win98 box specifically for it with my old Voodoo2 and flightstick.

My only controller requirnments there are pivot rudder and a slide thrust though so it's purely a software issue. On the other hand, the hardware you've got there is some serious flight sim controller but with driver support that long ago fell off the manufacturer's budget.

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Haven't tried that but.

by 1bn0 In reply to Q for 1bn0 & Dumphrey ...

The joystick port is a 15 pin MIDI port on the sound card. I did find a page that said that configuration did work in VirtualPC 2004.

I would try a PCI sound card equipped with the 15 pin midi connector.

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