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Tell me about yourself

By katesachin ·
I want Ideal answer for the Interview question which I mention in title

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Ther isn't a stock answer for that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Tell me about yourself

we are all different.
The only thing you can do is choose to highlight some traits and omit others.

If they are looking for a young bright up and comer, don't mention you really like the club scene and occasionally turn in at midday on a monday.

I'm in my forties, if they want solid I mention family, if they mention fitting in with a young team, I go, work hard play hard.

Both are true.

Find out what they are looking for before you get asked the question, or nay other for that matter.

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Not really an ideal answer

by NickNielsen In reply to Tell me about yourself

What might be the ideal answer for one interview can be the ultimate gaffe in another interview. You have to know what the interviewer is looking for in that position for which you are interviewing..

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I never accept that question

by SlappyMcnasty In reply to Tell me about yourself

I have gotten that one in the past and I always respond "In what context". Occasionally you will get the silly, "Just in general" response, in which case I do a very brief 30 second overview of my life. Usually they will respond with, "how do you like to work" or "what do you like to do when you aren't working"

It is a filter question, more to see how you respond to an open ended question than your actual response.

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The ideal response is to tell them about yourself

by jmgarvin In reply to Tell me about yourself

Explain who you are and a little about your background. Add in things that maybe didn't fit on your resume. Just make sure to talk about who you are.

****, I recently got into a discussion about WoW (a WoW player jumped ship to go to Vanguard and then regretted it) because of a question like was a good ice breaker and it actually turned out to be quite entertaining.

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