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    telnet. exe spying?


    by esopus ·

    This morning, I got the message “Windows encountered a problem and telnet.exe has to shut down. Send an error report?”
    Does this in any way mean someone could be monitoring my online activities?

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      by esopus ·

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      by cmiller5400 ·

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      Were you running telnet? If not I would do a virus and spy/malware scan…

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      No, it just means you’re running Windows

      by robo_dev ·

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      Telnet crashed for some unknown reason.

      if somebody were capturing the data of your telnet session, it would have no effect whatsoever on your workstation.

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      Telnet is a Windows Service

      by oh smeg ·

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      [b]Description telnet.exe is a process associated with Microsoft? Windows? Operating System from Microsoft Corporation.[/b]

      So as it is part of Windows it has always been present and working in the background. All that is happening here if you chose to send a message to M$ is that M$ will get an error report and hopefully eventually instigate a fix to prevent this happening again.

      No one is monitoring your On Line Activities with this service at least but it should be happening if you do not regularly scan your system for infections. All M$ Products routinely call home to talk to Mommy, Word being the worst offender. M$ Claim that they do not gain any Personal Data from these calls only software issues and considering the number of Windows Computers that are in use this is the most likely scenario. However if you prefer M$ is an Evil Company who are only interested in stealing you and your identity that have built a Back Door into every Windows System and all M$ products that allow them to take control of your computer and do as they please.

      So are you a juicy enough Target for M$? If so what is it that you have done to peek their interest? If you are at all concerned dump Windows and all M$ products and use something different like Linux or BSD. But if you really believe that M$ is out to get you may I suggest a [b]Good Shrink[/b] to help treat your Paranoia?


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