telnet from a specific subnet is very slow

By chvgms ·

When i do a telnet to a unix machine which is on LAN is taking long time from a specific subnet. The same is working fine from other subnets. Ping response is same from the affected and non affected subnets. can someone help me?


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I would look and see if there is a firewall in the way

by Dumphrey In reply to telnet from a specific s ...

since the ping takes the same amount of time, I would bet the telnet rule is at the bottom of the list, or the packets are getting distorted by a firewall in between.
rule 1: allow icmp
rule 23: allow ssh from subnet A
rule 50: allow ssh from subnet B

Just a starting guess here though. Any chance you can do a packet capture of the SSH
dialoge? Might tell you where the issue is.

There are tons of possibilities.

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no FW

by chvgms In reply to I would look and see if t ...

there is no firewall between the desktops and the server.


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