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Telnet on Linux 9.0

By mburbee ·
How do I enable telnet on Linux 9.0?

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- enabling telnet on Linux -

by feathersmcgraw In reply to Telnet on Linux 9.0


Not quite sure what you mean by "Linux 9.0". Are you using Mandrake, RedHat, Slackware or someother dist?

Many dists have telnet automatically enabled upon start up. If yours isn't check for the following...

1. Check to see if your Linux box is using inetd.conf or xinetd.conf you can do this by executing:
"ps -aux | grep inetd" or "ps -aux | grep xinetd"

it should return one line something close to:
root 755 0.0 0.1 1396 488 ? S Jun11 0:00 /usr/sbin/inetd

2. If you have inetd change into your /etc directory ("cd /etc") and edit the inetd.conf file
("pico inetd.conf" or whatever your fav editor is). Scroll down to the line that says #Telnet Server. If there is a "#" in front of the line that looks like this:

telnet stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd in.telnetd

remove it. Save the inetd.conf file and then issue the hangup command to inetd so it re-reads it config file. "kill -HUP <pid>" (where pid is the process number of can get this fromyour grep line, it's the number right after root.

If you have xinetd go to /etc/xinetd.d and edit the telnet file. It should look similiar to:

service telnet
id = echo-stream
socket_type = stream
disable = yes

Change the disable to = no and then issue the "kill -HUP" to xinetd.

Hope this helps out a little. Best of luck over there had family just pcs out.

best regards
"if a mime swears does his mother wash his hands out with soap?"

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telnet follow-up

by feathersmcgraw In reply to Telnet on Linux 9.0

one other thing that you might want to think about, you didn't say what you intended to use the box for...but you really shouldn't use telnet, it is inherently unsecure. try using ssh instead.

happy hacking!
"Reading computer manuals without the hardware is as frustrating as reading sex manuals without the software" - Arthur C. Clarke (Clarke's 69th Law, The Odyssey File, 1984)

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