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    Telnet with W2K Server..


    by shadowpassword ·

    I have a linux based router using the freesco software found at

    I can telnet into the router with 9x and NT4 server both locally and over the internet.

    When I try to use telnet with the Windows 2000 server though all I get is a black screen with a flashing prompt.

    Any ideas?


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      Telnet with W2K Server..

      by stillatit ·

      In reply to Telnet with W2K Server..

      Can your server get to anywhere any other way? It could have a bad IP address, or a bad mask, or a bad gateway address on the software side. It may also have a bad NIC.

      On the server, make sure you can do all of the following:
      ping its own address
      ping one of the other computers
      ping the router
      ping out to somewhere on the net
      Use IE to somewhere on the net.

      If you can do all of those, and telnet still does not work, then either the server’s copy of telnet is corrupt,or you have some software blocking telnet, or you have a rule in the router blocking telnet from the server.

      Good luck.

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      Telnet with W2K Server..

      by shadowpassword ·

      In reply to Telnet with W2K Server..

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