Temp Block Printing on a Network

By mby.talha ·
We have 20 Windows xp comps connected to one printer on our network

The comps are connected to each other and our printer through a switch (lan) using peer to peer sharing (without a server)

some pcs need to print on letter heads or pre printed forms (which are very expensive)

Is there some software or commad i can use where i can block or hold all print commads to that printer (using its ip) except from the pc that executes that commad

so that the pre printed forms and letter heads are not wasted

We dnt have a seprate printer for the pre printed forms

By the time the form is loaded into the printer and the commad is given
some other guy gives his print

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What kind of printer?

by TobiF In reply to Temp Block Printing on a ...

The drivers for some printers may have ways of withholding jobs if the right type of paper isn't present.
In that case, one would need to define a different paper type, and then confirm, either on the printer host or on the printer itself, when paper has been changed.
What type of printer do you have?

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This depends on the printer

by Churdoo In reply to Temp Block Printing on a ...

But by the time you research this and a viable solution may or may not exist depending on your specific printer, it will probably be more cost effective to
a) add a paper tray to the printer for the pre-printed forms.
b) replace the printer with another printer with multiple paper trays
c) add a printer dedicated to the pre-printed forms

Can you use the manual paper feed tray for the letterhead and pre-printed forms? If you configure the printer properly and create a printer object which specifies the manual feed as the paper source, the printer should hold that job internally until the user inserts the appropriate stock in the manual feed tray. Other jobs with the default paper tray as their source should not interfere with the manual feed job.

Alternatively, a printer with multiple paper trays will have the ability to select in the driver, which tray to use. In fact you can install 2 instances of the printer object on the workstations, 1 object defaulting to the standard tray as its default paper source and a 2nd printer object set with the alternate paper tray set as its paper source and so labled for the pre-printed forms.

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