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By horrorshow247 ·
I am running Win server 2003. I am trying to find the temp folders of certain users so that I can delete the files in them to maybe resolve some issues. I can't seem to find where they are located for the individual users. Not everyone has there own PC. Some only have a thin client. And the one I am looking for is a TC user. Any ideas?

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I would assume

by Dumphrey In reply to Temp Folder

that the files would be in the users home directory or profile directory. You may have to take ownership of the folders to make the chages, or log on as the user.

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by horrorshow247 In reply to I would assume

I have tried to find it as the administrator and as the user......I hate to ask but what would the file path be. The TC users dont exactly have a C, document & Settings, Local settings path.

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The only thing

by wancona In reply to Well.

That I could think of doing at this time, is using a thin client, saving something, and seeing what the folder path is before you actually save it. I'm not that sure about thin clients, but it's just a thought

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what do you mean

by lowlands In reply to Well.

When you say they don't exactly have a C:\documents and settings\etc\etc path.

Unless you redirect it, user should have that folder.

If not, the easiest is probably to log in as a user and see where the %TEMP% and/or %TMP% variables point to.

It might also be possible the TEMp folder (usually c:\D&S\user\local settings\temp\randomnumber, gets deleted when a user logs off. this can be set in terminal services configuration.

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