TEMP users File recovery

By rhythm_tech ·
I have a user that was recently migrated from Domain A to Domain B. In this process his PC experienced an error and he was logged in as a TEMP user. He immediately found that his my docs and desktop files were missing. He found that they were indeed in his original user profile. So he began importing them into the "TEMP' users profile. This was last Thursday.
Four days later he logs in and all his files in My Docs are missing. The TEMP user he was logging in as is now gone with all of his files.
Is there any way to recover files saved into a TEMP user profile once the regular profile has been loaded properly and the TEMP user is removed by the system?

I have run a complete file recovery on the drive and it finds no reference to a TEMP user ever existing. There are no files to recover since windows has no history of the user. I attempted to restore the PC back to Friday when the TEMP user was in use, but the restoration did not include a TEMP user, only his normal user account folders.
This error has caused years

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I could be wrong but

by robo_dev In reply to TEMP users File recovery

Another user with exactly the same problem got this reply in forum, I have copied it below:

"To resolve this problem without losing any data exist only one way:

You connect an external harddisk. (to save your recovered data)

Then you start in Safe Mode. The Key F8 shortly after the reboot pressed does it.

If windows seems to hang while it is loading its files for the safe mode, wait, wait, wait. Sometimes it needs 5-10 minutes, but it will start, because if it does not start in safe mode, Dr. Watson jumps in and force it to start.

When the login screen for safe mode shows, use your old profile with the old password. It will work, because it use the secondary password check.

After you logged in, the System will ask that you want to make an System restore. DONT DO THAT.

After this, you will be on your normal desktop in safe mode, you will see all your documents. You can copy them now to the attached external harddisk. You will need a lot of time, because it will be a slow progress, but you safe your data. That is sure. "

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File recovery software

by hrisan In reply to TEMP users File recovery

If I am not wrong the system is Win 7 or Vista as the Temp used profile is typical for those systems. The problem was that the files were moved to a Temp user profile instead of fixing the problem and it caused a bigger mess but you already know that. To fix it you need to get the user to stop using the system right away - turn it off. Take the hard drive to another system on which you have installed a file recovery software as Active Undelete and pray that the clusters on the HDD are not overwritten by some new files. After the advanced scan you have some chance to recover, but longer the HDD works the chance of recover gets smaller as new data overwrites the data on the clusters marked as deleted.

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Reponse To Answer

by rhythm_tech In reply to File recovery software

Thank you for your replies, Unfortunately I believe you are right. I am not sure how, but after running the deleted file recovery, the temp user was still not pressent. I did expect to find some form of evidence that the Temp user was actually used. There was no refference to there ever being a temp user. I slowly reviewed all of the files found and could not find a single refference to a temp user profile.
It is in my oppinion that the temporary regestry hive used when windows creates a temp user, gets over written or erased from the regestry when the actual user is again logged on. The location of the files and user folders may be accessible when using the temp user, but they are acutally "virtual" folders similar to a virtual machine, storing the Temp users profile and folders in RAM and not actually on the HDD.
This is a hypothosis, but still a logical explination of where the Temp user may be stored.
I have found no proof, nor story of success in recovering files from a Temp user account after the actual users profile logs in normally.

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