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First, I know it seems that it is spelled wrong, it is for most purposes; 'nuff said there.
I am actually out of my field ,as for me to do something in my field of expertise I would fundamentally change the machine that is callrd a computer to get this done. To my knowledge this is done by the security people that work for Personnel:

The work is that 'WE', the Company, has brought in temporaries for some reason and now they need to have a security clearance to be able to work. The most common resolution seems to be that a SOMEONE has a Log-on for this purpose; but if the people are going to be there a while what then? Now, What is a security clearance then in this matter?

A security clearance in this matter seems to be a Log-on "User Name", A pass word and an authority. The authority is the extent that the person has in the Computers, Data Bases, and granted ability to change things. Lately, locally there has been a resurgance of ex-employees appearring at work places they have been fired from to work again there either after normal hours or simply returnning to their desk to work again to the point of assaults on the new staff replacing them or other people working there.

Again for ME to do something about this is simple until you understand that you are talking about a fundamental change in the system, here though it SEEMS that I've read again and again that you all are addressing this. If this is so do your customers ,clients and Associates know these things? Understand them and how to use them?
See, Once I finish so that Y'all can begin to work I aint 'sposed to come back for those kind of Fixxes unless the head of perrsonel gets replaced or the company changes hands in some way.

Enta Wanabi

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