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Temperature Monitoring and Server Shutdown

By faradhi ·
We have a lights out data center. It is not monitored overnight and on the weekends.

This weekend, we had a cooling failure. By the time is was detected the servers were shutting down because heat thresholds had been surpassed.

I would like to find a product that will monitor the temperature of the room and if the temperature exceeds a set number of degrees, it will issue a shutdown command to the servers.

Has anyone seen or used a product that will do this?

I posted this in discussions but if anyone feels that this should be posted in tech Q&A let me know and I will.

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I don't know of a specific product

by TonytheTiger In reply to Temperature Monitoring an ...

but what might work is to thermostatically interrupt the main power to the room, then the UPSs will send the command to shut down the servers.

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Thanks Adunlap, We have thought of that

by faradhi In reply to I don't know of a specifi ...

If we cannot find a product that will send the shutdown itself.

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Server rooms and other stuff.

by fungus-among-us In reply to Temperature Monitoring an ...

A friend of mine works for one of the local school systems. He is their head custodial supervisor. He has environmental readings of the boiler room that he can access through the internet, and it will page him if temps/humidity climb above or fall below his settings. He's been using this environmental monitoring equipment/software for over 2 years now and loves it. Head on over to...

They should have something that will suit your needs.

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Thanks Fungus,

by faradhi In reply to Server rooms and other st ...

I appreciate the feedback.

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Lowlands, Thanks a lot

by faradhi In reply to ActiveXperts

Have you ever used this product?

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No, not personally

by lowlands In reply to Lowlands, Thanks a lot

but I used to have a client that used it

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Environmental monitoring

by stan In reply to Temperature Monitoring an ...

I know APC (and probably other companies) makes a variety of equipment to monitor a number of environmental variables. Most have the ability to send alerts in a variety of ways and have the ability to shut down equipment as necessary.

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Temperature Monitoring an ...

You can both view your network room from a browse and it monitors temprature in the room and will e-mail or call your cell phone when the temp is above your set limit, ex. 79 degrees, etc.

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Monitoring software

by wallen In reply to Temperature Monitoring an ...

faradhi, I have run across a software package called ServersCheck that can monitor your servers and they have environmental sensors as well. I am looking into this for our server room as it is similar to yours (no-one around at nights or weekends). This seems like an economical solution to our problem and it might work for you as well.

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