Temperature range for a computer

By sohaildoit ·
I just want to know the minimum and maximum temperature range for a personal computer i.e Pentium 4s and dual core pc's.

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Regarding the processor temp.

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to Temperature range for a c ...

All Pentiums with the exception of the Quad-Core Extremes will shut down on their own volition when they get too hot. That said, generally anything over 70 Degrees Centigrade is pushing it. You should know also that the temperature readings afforded by most BIOS or other temperature reading applications are often misleading. Download Core Temp and try that. Expect to see a little higher temperature being reported with this application than would be on most.

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No real minimum, but 90C is a common maximum

by Slayer_ In reply to Temperature range for a c ...

90C to 120C are common maximums. But these are near meltdown temperatures.

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70C for Commercial components

by TheChas In reply to No real minimum, but 90C ...

Nearly all consumer grade electronics components have a maximum rated temperature of 70?C. Any hotter and they no longer perform to specification.

Military grade parts used to be rated for 85?C and some automotive (under hood) grade components are rated for 105?C

I have seen computers fail when the room temperature exceeds 85?F.

Yes, some over-clockers run their CPUs at higher temperatures. But, they expect them to have a short life for the extra bit of performance.

If you can keep the CPU and case temperature below 50?C, your computer should have a long working life.


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I dunno about that

by Slayer_ In reply to 70C for Commercial compon ...

It seems every modern laptop I have used, if you leave em at 100% CPU usage for a minute or two, they push 90C.
I have a Toshiba that the fan doesn't even hit full speed till 95C. I don't deny that it is a POS, but its normal temperature for it.

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Are You Sure it is Not Fahrenheit?

by TheChas In reply to I dunno about that

Are you sure that your temperature monitor does not have C and F reversed?

Even at the low volume of air coming out of a laptop, 90 C air would blister skin and melt some fabrics.

My daughter's laptop runs very hot. But, I doubt it is ever over 100 F which would be around 38 C.

Looking at the Intel specification for the i7 Mobile Extreme CPU, the absolute Tj max is 100 C. The recommended maximum operating is 90 C. Much hotter than I had expected.

I wonder if the parts near the CPU can stand up to those temperatures?

Keep in mind that that is the temperature right on the die itself. Even the base of the heatsink will be many degrees cooler due to thermal resistance. If your CPU fan does not reach full cooling well before 90 C, your system will have a short life.

If my laptop ran that hot, I would use a cooling base full time.


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It does blister your hand...

by Slayer_ In reply to Are You Sure it is Not Fa ...

I lit a piece of paper on fire next to it by accident. The plastic around the vent actually gets soft if the laptop is busy for an hour or so. Which is normal for it, it often will go idle for weeks then for one day, it is needed to run crazy long scripts on a database server, often sitting at 100% CPU for 8 hours. It's idle running temperature is about 50-60C. Quickly jumping to 80-90 if you actually do anything.

It is a common complaint for the tecra laptops, there are royal POS's.

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Holy Smokes!!

by cmiller5400 In reply to It does blister your hand ...

A piece of paper actually burst into flames that was next to it???!!!

I'd be running for the hills with that laptop around. It would be a paperweight for me.

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Not burst into flames...

by Slayer_ In reply to Holy Smokes!!

More like, browned the edge of it where it was touching the side of the laptop. Probably just on the verge of catching fire.

On my personal laptop, I brought a CD with me to the store and installed a bunch of games and stuff and ran em for 10 minutes to see how it performed and how hot it got.

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10?C to 50?C

by TheChas In reply to Temperature range for a c ...

A realistic temperature range for a standard PC would be around 10?C to 50?C.

Much below 10?C, and motors for fans and drives will not spin properly as the lubricant will be too thick.

On the low end, local humidity is a factor that MUST be taken into account. If the temperature drops below the dew point, water and even ice can form on circuits. This can cause short circuits and extensive damage.

Internal case temperatures much above 50?C will shorten the life of electronic components. Capacitors in particular will dry out and fail if they are continually in a high temperature environment.

If resistors or power semiconductors are designed too close to their maximum power ratings, a high ambient temperature will cause them to fail early.


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Normal room temperature for a PC

by sohaildoit In reply to 10?C to 50?C

thanks a lot for your response.
I actually want to know the room temperature where a pc is operated.

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