template/software for scheduling/planning manufacturing

By nilimand ·
We carry circa 25 products.
Each product needs to be processed in 2-3 stages. circa 20 minutes/stage.
Raw materials come in several times a month. However for some products the raw materials are readily available while for others 1-2 months
are necessary.
Each product is packaged differently.
Each consignment consists of a product mix. (between 1 and 25) There
are circa 5 large customers (2000 products/month) , 5 medium ones (200/
month) and 10 small ones (20/month). (but none of these
order every single month). At the moment most customers need to wait
circa 2 months but the planning must be improved as sometimes an order
can be fulfilled in 2 days.

I need to:

1. provide future delivery dates to customers
2. plan work shifts (1-4 people)
3. plan which products to produce (from planned arrival date of raw material. I know 2-3 weeks in advance)
4. plan quantities to produce for each run. (At the moment we run 5-10 products a day)
5. optional-prepare some production benchmarks (per shift and per product). i have a vague idea though.
6. optional- calculate true cost per order ( in terms of matrials +man hours)

What should i use (on a limited budget) ??

* Excel template ?
* Access template ?
* online solution ?

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Database Plus

by TheChas In reply to template/software for sch ...

If you have a lot of time, you might be able to create an Access database application to do this for you.

However, I would go with a prebuilt MRP package.

Just search on MRP or Material Requirements Planning and you will get a lot of hits.

As far as low cost solutions, I did a search at the open source site Sourceforge and had 22 hits.

These looked to at least be current projects.

Pick a couple and see how they work for you. At least then you will know how sophisticated a system you need when you take the plunge and work with a MRP vendor.


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Office management software

by Ken_richardson In reply to template/software for sch ...

I recently set my office up with <a href=>software for billing</a> It was real helpful to get in contact with top management software companies and be able to compare them to pick the company with the best features and price. We went with Advanced MD and have been happy since then.

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