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Templates for processes and procedures

By sarel ·
Please assist me in locating suitable templates for creating processes and procedures like Change Management, Problem Management, Disaster Recovery, Configuration Management etc. etc. etc.

Please also assist in supplying a clear definition for understanding the difference between policy, process and procedure.

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by sarel In reply to Templates for processes a ...

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by LittleDragon In reply to Templates for processes a ...

Check out the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)information. This is "the most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally. It is supported by a comprehensive qualification scheme, accredited training organisations, and implementation and assessment tools. The best-practice processes promoted in ITIL both support and are supported by the British Standards Institution?s Standard for IT Service Management (BS15000)." ( From the website

The ITIL covers excellent approaches to all the disciplines you mentioned.

I'll take a very informal stab at definitions for policy, process and procedure as well. A policy is a high level statement of what is or is not acceptable to a particular group (corporation, division, department, etc.) Policies cover things like security (the length and format of passwords and how often they are changed), Employee behavior (policies against discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.). Standards are often rules for how a company enforces a policy.

A Procedure generally refers to a step by step set of instructions for how to perform a certain task. Anything that seems to describe how to do something is probably a procedure.

A process is normally a set of tasks or procedures (that can be automated, manual or any combination) that taken together produce a desire product or result. A process flow diagram would show all the steps of a process and their relationship to each.

These aren't exactly formal definitions, but they work for me.

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by Pr0x1 In reply to Templates for processes a ...

ITIL is what we use as our base framework, but we also add components from Cobit, MOF, HDI and CMM. Then we customize all of them to fit the client environment.

If the first link doesn't help... ther eare MANY other sites you can go to for this answer. I suggest checking out a methodology for setting up something like this. Using standards from the Help Desk Institute (, the IT Infrastructure Library ( and even Microsoft Solutions/Operations framework aka MOF and other MS bp's( cy/manageability/default.mspx).

I have a tool that is an automated Operations Assessment based on ITIL. It is based on the free one available at but of course I've automated it more and but a VERY nice reporting engine behind it. Try the free tool to start!

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by zuotianzu In reply to Templates for processes a ...

Hi,Pr0x1,where can I get the automation tool you mentioned,since you said that it is a free tool?

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by RealGem In reply to Templates for processes a ...

The IT Information Library is the absolute best place to go for this.

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by valdis.stokenbergs In reply to Templates for processes a ...


Some guidelines you can find there

we implemented this model in our company and it works fine.

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by starr.bartlett In reply to Templates for processes a ...

Templates for creating processes and procedures can be found at or you may sign up for email notifications or search documents with ITIL trainers such as Pink Elephant.

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by fiona In reply to Templates for processes a ...

Hopefully, I can simplify some of the ITIL referring posts above by virtue of brief descriptions:
This is the official site from the OGC, who produced it
This is the 'ITIL Open Guide', and 'open' initiative to document ITIL. It included a certification register.
As it sounds, this is an international user group for ITIL

These are all free sources, with good information on the topic.

Hope it helps.

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