Temporary elevation of user rights to install software

By dmciltrot ·
I suppose this could turn into a multi-faceted post, but I will be as brief about it as possible.

I wish to create an installer that temporarily elevates user right so a restricted user may perform the installation. There are a few twists along the way. The OS is Windows2000, however it is run in a virtual environment using VMWare Ace.

Short of using something like Wise solutions, is there away to take an *.EXE, let's use the free Adobe Reader for example, and make it simple for a restricted user to install it?

I fear that manually creating the installer is going to be my only route, but I am up for suggestions.

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You can use runas command but that's a plain text batch file

by georgeou In reply to Temporary elevation of us ...

You can use the "runas" command but that's a plain text batch file with the admin password exposed. Windows XP doesn't handle privilege escalation gracefully.

Vista can do this if you let people run as a restricted admin. This means they can UAC escalate signed code with signers that you've approved of but not escalate code that isn't signed or signed by the wrong certificate authority. This is the easy and secure way of handling locked down privileges.

You can still sort of do this with Windows XP if you let people run as admin with Authenticode restrictions. The problem with Authenticode restrictions on XP is that it's too locked down. You can't even run unsigned code with current user privileges and it's all or nothing. UAC restrictions in Vista allows unsigned code to run with current user credentials without system access which is less harsh.

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