Temporary User Account gone with all my files. Please Hlp.

By dave_man69 ·
Due to issues I dont quite understand Windows XP didnt letme sign in onto my normal account and so a new temp account was created. Being the genius I am I moved all the files frm my Admin-powered account (David) to the temporary account. When I logged in again the temporary account was gone along with all my files. I could sense the dark clouds gathering above me. Please help me, some of those files are of extreme importance. Ive been up all night trying to locate it but the only thing I seem to have been able to locate are unhealthy amounts of caffeine. Thanks to anyone that can help.

Once again, help.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Temporary User Account go ...

Is this on a network?

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Not on a network.

by dave_man69 In reply to Question:-

No, no network.
There is one of those Hidden Administrator accounts.
My own: David.
A plethera of temp accounts (I dont even like to look at them)
And the missing temp account to which I transfered all my files from my own account.

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I'm slightly puzzled...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not on a network.

In all my years I've never heard, or experienced, any Windows system offering me a 'temporary' account - maybe I've just been lucky.

Strictly speaking, if you have access to any account that has admin privileges, you by rights, have access to the entire file system.

The files you transferred (and then lost) should only be preference files - all the data should still remain wherever it was prior to the id missing.

What particular types of files do you think you have lost?

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If your account has administrative privilege

by DadsPad In reply to I'm slightly puzzled...

try this.

open My Computer, the C: drive. Expand Documents and Settings

Your temporary account should be there, expand that account.

Expand Local Settings, under that is the Temp account.

Good Luck,

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oops, above should have gone under Dave

by DadsPad In reply to If your account has admin ...
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It's just my captivating style of prose...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to oops, above should have g ...

...that confused you Dad.

Not to worry.

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Mycroft, I am confused by nature

by DadsPad In reply to It's just my captivating ...

If not for my wife, I would be even more confused. :^0

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Still Nothing. Please keep helping.

by dave_man69 In reply to Temporary User Account go ...

I went udner my account, looked under local settings like you said I should...found nothing. Guy please keep trying - I believe in you. You are my dream team.

Some of those files are unspeakably valuable - I need to get them back, theres just no question about it. Please help.

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Was your temorary user account there?

by DadsPad In reply to Still Nothing. Please kee ...

I just wanted to make sure when you said My Account, you were looking for your Temporary Account information.

Good luck,

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Same Issue

I am having the same issue, except I think I may have an idea what happened. I wanted to create a new user account in Windows XP, so I went through the normal process.... Control Panel-->User Accounts and created a Administrator account... now my old account is gone(it was the old admin account). I can't access it by going to any C and my hard drive still shows that the data is being stored there. Does anyone know of a way to restore these files that I have "lost"?

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