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    Tempory Windows 2000 terminals licenses


    by wetkippers ·

    I have installed some valid terminal server licenses on to a windows 2000 server. However I can not stop it issuing more temporary licenses even though there is a valid pool of licenses. This is causing me problems every 60 days when the license runs out as you need to hack the registry on each machine. Can anyone tell me how to stop the temporary licenses being issued ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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      by dryflies ·

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      You have to activate the license server.
      open the terminal services license tool, right click on the server and choose activate server. click through the opening screen. choose a method of contacting microsoft to get a license. if you have an internet connection I would use the web. click next. go to on this page, youl have the choice of activating a server or installing license packs. choos activate server and click next. enter the product id, personal information and purchase method. click next, review, and click next again. the web site will spit out the activation code which you need to enter into the TS activation wizard.
      from there it is pretty self explanatory.

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