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Ten words or less: "I really wish Microsoft would..."

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
In ten words or less, complete the following sentence: "I really wish Microsoft would..."

I'll start with " a super-lean version of Vista for old PCs."

Just once, I'd like to see a Windows release aimed at the existing install base, rather than designed to force an upgrade to bigger and better hardware. Either that, or they should just buy Intel and quit posturing like the two companies *aren't* colluding to keep the compulsory upgrade cycle going.

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release something worth using.

by Jaqui In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...
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... remove apps from the OS.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

There's no technological reason why an OS needs an un-removable browser, e-mail client, IM client, mysterious folders that reappear instantly when deleted, etc. Include them by default if that's the way your business model works, but include an option to remove them and don't make them integrated components of the OS.

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... and remove ashtrays from cars?

by nepomuk In reply to ... remove apps from the ...

How are you affected by the mere existence of something on a x-gigabyte disk?
I hate ashtrays in cars, I don't think that such a thing is vital for the core functionality of a car. It even takes some space, which is limited in most cars, which I would rather use to store something else.
But I never heard that people called out load for the capability of removing an ashtray.

I even think quite the opposite about something like the IE and how it's integrated. Instead of wasting megabytes of (always scarce) memory for all these nice applications coming with their own super duper runtime environments (plural!) I am always happy if I get some software which does NOT eat up all system resources for itself.

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.. but what if its a crap ashtray...

by StephenInScotland In reply to ... and remove ashtrays f ...

I think you missed the point. Its about choice. I HAVE to have space and resources used up because part of my OS is running IE. But Firefox (IMHO) is a better browser so that is the one I use and thus more resources are used up. The same with mediaplayer - I use mediamonkey which is much better for my requirements but I can't get rid of the resource being hogged by mediaplayer.
Operating Systems should be just that. They are the plaform which applications run on top of. They should be made as fast and secure and as reliable as possible. Adding all the extra stuff makes this aim harder and harder to achieve.

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I wish

by mypl8s4u2 In reply to .. but what if its a crap ...

M$ would just create a core OS

Everything else should be an add-on and not necessarily from M$. Like a motherboard, you buy the board, and you choose what video card you want on it. M$ should create a core OS and you can add whatever browser you want, whatever office product you want and they should all play nicely. Not like the time M$ purposefully forced Netscape to run at half speed by not allowing it to load as a 32bit app. We haven?t forgotten your pass ills M$ and you seem to be slipping up again, core example, WGA!

Don't make me b-slap you!

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It Can be, very easily and more stable too

by w2ktechman In reply to I wish

All MS needs to do for this reality is to add the programs as programs, and not core OS functions. There will be several big changes if this is done
the system(s) will be more secure, as the OS isnt running them as core apps.
program crashes should result in more recoveries and less BSOD
if you dont want that program, but another one, it can be uninstalled easily (if installed in the first place).
there can be a menu selection for the programs that will be installed along with the OS.

I have no problem with MS bundling lots of software when I buy the OS. But, I would prefer to be able to uninstall (fully) any application that I deem fit to, or not even install it in the first place.

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true about stability

by cubeslave In reply to It Can be, very easily an ...

Have you tried the products from LitePC? ( Becasue of a job change, I haven't used any of their products since 98Lite. I was amazed how at the difference in performance and stability between over a regular 98 install.

This was at the same time that Microsoft was testifying in court that it would be too difficult to remove the IE from Windows 98. At the same time, on the website of the guy who came up with 98Lite, he explained how he did it using functions already built into windows, supplimented by three files from a windows 95 install disk.

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Vist the U.S.A. then...

by jfowler In reply to ... and remove ashtrays f ...

"But I never heard that people called out load for the capability of removing an ashtray."

Here in Amerika the proverbial automotive ashtray (and cigarette lighter too!) are now a thing of the past. Political Correctness in action. Good luck trying to FIND a new car here with an ashtray built in as in days of old.

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Why not?

by Absolutely In reply to ... and remove ashtrays f ...

Why not make the same space modular, so smokers can have ash trays where non-smokers have additional space for parking change, cell phones, beverages or buttons to control some other luxury feature of their Batmobiles.

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It's more like a crappy radio you can't replace

by Neon Samurai In reply to ... and remove ashtrays f ...

The ashtray is more like Notepad; it's there and every car comes with one but it's a small thing and can at least be used to hold your change.

This is more like the car having a crap quality radio that the owner can't replace when 90% of drivers listen to music. If your car is running, chances are that you have music going. You can't replace the crappy radio that comes bolted into the car though or the engine, steering, brakes and seatbelts won't all work together.

The radio always seems to have static in the background even when playing a tape or dvd and other drivers can tune into what your listening too. You can add a better quality second radio and speaker system into your car but only in addition to the existing radio and speakers (which only work together of course). This will also cost you some trunk space to hid the bigger components like a disk changer and base box.

(Edit for Addition):
" I am always happy if I get some software which does NOT eat up all system resources for itself"

I boot up winXP and I'm idling at 350 meg ram used. I open a website in IE and my ram jumps to 690 meg ram used. What part of "NOT eat up all system resources" does that fall into?

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