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Ten words or less: "Windows Vista is. . ."

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
In ten words or less, complete the following sentence: "Windows Vista is..."

I'll start with "...the easiest punchline in recent IT history."

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by Jaqui In reply to Ten words or less: "Windo ...


A waste of effort.

another rip off plan from microsoft.

gods, I could do this for hours finishing that line off, and not say one nice thing about it.

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1. Expensive

by X-MarCap In reply to Overrated

2. delayed again...
3. another insecure environment...
4. another microsoft financial windfall.
5. technological development disaster in progess.
6. Aimed at destroying third party vendors. (yep 6)
7. Not Going to be secure when unwrapped.
8. Microsoft's attempt to not secure any operating system.
9. The next IT thing the justice department will investigate.
10. The next place Microsoft breaks their latest Justice Department agreements.

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My 2 cents worth (or knowing M$ $200 worth

by AmberHaze In reply to Overrated

Windows Vista is...

another attempt to take over the world (for Pinky and Brain fans)
a Vastly Improved System of Tempermental Applications
An unincorporated community of southern California north of San Diego. It is a resort and agricultural area. Population: **,500
Volunteers In Service To America
A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees (Hmmm they telling us we will only get a glimps of real computing?)
An awareness of a range of time, events, or subjects; a broad mental view. (Hmmm a broad mental view???? "They are comming to take me away haha, hehe, hoho. to the Happy Home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds, they are comming to take me away haha.....

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Your reference to "the other TR": priceless!

by Absolutely In reply to My 2 cents worth (or know ...
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by mypl8s4u2 In reply to My 2 cents worth (or know ...




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Here's three.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ten words or less: "Windo ...

... something I won't install within 6 months of its release.

... something I won't install until a business application requires it.

... something I won't install until the first SP is released.

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Other way round

by pkr In reply to Here's three.

... something I won't install until a business application requires it.

Something that will make me deselect a business application requiring it.

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Ok you are on

by JamesRL In reply to Ten words or less: "Windo ...

... a new OS in search of a compelling reason for existence.

....all Hat and no Cowboy.

....a three dressed up as a nine. (Thank you Trooper!) cotton candy, all air and no substance.


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like I said

by Jaqui In reply to Ok you are on

it's to easy to go on for hours with slamming vista.

I have yet to have one compelling reason to even look at an alpha test version of it.
[ and what Microsoft calls beta testing is what all resposible software companies call alpha testing. ]

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I don't have a choice

by JamesRL In reply to like I said

At some point in the future PC manufacturers will stop shipping PCs with XP and I need to know that the apps we support will continue to run. Its a pretty safe bet but we have to do due diligence. It is going to affect our pricing model as we currently require only low end PCs without a high end graphics card.


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