Terminal Server 2003; not accepting connections

By eriki ·
The Terminal Server service is running however it is not listening on the defined port 3389 (verified by running netstat -a). (I have verified in the registery that the default terminal server port number hasn't changed)I've reinstalled the Terminal Services component of Windows server to no avail...

This problem appreared overnight with no server modifications I am aware of.

Does anybody have any further troubleshooting suggestions???

Thanks in advance.

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Possible Fix

by thisisjmail In reply to Terminal Server 2003; not ...

Had same issue, removed the remote checkmark on system properties & rebooted. Re-enabled & Op check good. netstat -ano now shows listening.

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Terminal Server 2003; not accepting connections

by unclpaul In reply to Terminal Server 2003; not ...

"Enable Remote Desktop on this computer" was checked, but grayed out. Logged out, then in as Local Admin (rather than Domain Admin) and same thing - Enabled, but I could not disable it and RE-enable it to see if that would fix it.

MY FIX: (after looking at TS settings on another Server 2003) Open Terminal Services Configuration - verify all Server Settings are the same (mine were the same). The Connections folder on my server was empty. I right-clicked the Connections folder, click Create New connection, click Next, Next, check Use Standard Windows Authentication, Click Next, Click Next, I named my connection "RDP-Tcp" and I click Next, Next and Finish.

RDP capability restored. I didn't even have to reboot the server. Port 3389 now showed as LISTENING.

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Good Troubleshooting Step:

by jszivos In reply to Terminal Server 2003; not ...

A good way to troubleshoot is to use mstsc.exe /console to try to connect to the console. You also need the Remote Desktop service running. You can also connect from the server to the server to eliminate some factors.

As for the previous post, having a protocol setup for remote connections does help some.

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